How Emotional Freedom Technique Cured My Phobia About Blood and Injections

  • Post by James Sumo
  • Dec 16, 2020
How Emotional Freedom Technique Cured My Phobia About Blood and Injections

How Psychological Flexibility Method Cured My Fear About Blood as well as Shots

What is Emotional Freedom Method [EFT]

Emotional Liberty Strategy (EFT), is an alternate treatment that is claimed to work well with the full variety of anxieties, unhappiness, anger, despair, regret, anxiety, anxieties, post distressing stress and anxiety disorder, and also a number of other conditions which have an underlying psychological element.

It can be useful both with sensations that would be anticipated to ease naturally with time and also it is - in my sight - especially handy with long established as well as frequently unconscious feelings associating with deep seated and persistent problems.

EFT can supply immediate relief from tension.

I have used EFT and also located it to be really powerful as well as effective

My sight of many of these different and also under the radar strategies is extremely pragmatic: if it works as well as I have actually utilized it and experienced wonderful advantage, after that I will feature it right here on this site in the hope that some viewers will certainly be gain from it.

I have used EFT on a variety of celebrations and the results have actually been good, as well as in one case phenomenal.

So frequently, specialists of all these different methods - and I am particularly considering NLP as I say this - case that their method is the response to everything and also offers the definition of life the universe and anything that might exist beyond that …

OK I overstate - however you understand what I suggest!

My sight remains really easy and practical - if it benefits specific problems, is straightforward and quick to utilize as well as works then it must create component of our toolbox of resources.

In recap, just how does EFT work?

EFT has been described as a kind of mental acupuncture, because it entails touching on a number of acupuncture points found on the face, upper body and the hands, whilst you focus on a mentioned problem with a straightforward affirmation that specifies the concern clearly and that you accept yourself.

The acupuncture points are claimed to be the end-points of the major meridians.

The process is simple, and also takes around 5 mins. When you recognize the procedure, it can be self-administered. As well as its complimentary!

Power Psychology

EFT is one of a number of therapies that fall within the group of power psychology which is based upon Chinese medicine and especially on the acupuncture/acupressure system.

This system believes that chi, which is electrical energy or power, travels via the meridians or rivers of acupuncture points in the body. This power can come to be unbalanced by physical, emotional, or stressful factors.

Power psychology states that by stabilizing this system the problems coming from these reasons are promptly eliminated.

These numerous energy methods were established in the mid-1980s to mid-1990s, but are still relatively unknown by the public.

These power psychologies have actually been dubbed “power therapies” due to the fact that they function a lot faster than the standard speaking treatments.

This seems since they target the more primitive components of the mind, including the limbic system, the medulla oblongata, and also the enkephalin system, which remains in every cell of the body.

EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization and also Reprocessing, and also hypnosis typically are included as “power” treatments although they do not straight use the Meridian System.

Is This Mainstream?

The response is mixed. There are some physicians that are skeptical of these techniques and also the scientific research is not yet 100% definitive. Empirical anecdotal evidence does recommend that they can be extremely effective.

My very own individual experiences with EMDR, EFT and also Acupuncture have been very effective and I will enter into this in even more detail listed below.

My Experiences With Emotional Flexibility Strategy And Various Other Power Therapies


A participant of my household was involved in a road web traffic accident which resulted in a significant case of Message Traumatic Stress Condition.

2 treatments of EMDR completely got rid of all signs and symptoms of the PTSD and also a restoration to complete psychological wellness.

Each therapy took about 45 mins.


For several years I have actually experienced Seasonal depression [UNFORTUNATE] which made use of to impact me quite severely every springtime.

Eventually, following a suggestion, I went to see an acupuncturist as well as had a complete program of therapy.

The effect was rapid as well as led to a significant as well as considerable renovation in my mood and also psychological well being.

Emotional Liberty Method

Every one of my grown-up life I have suffered with an anxiety about injections and also the view of blood.

I have no suggestion why, I never ever obtained to the base of it, and also I just dealt with it. But whenever I had to have an injection or provide a blood sample at the neighborhood surgical treatment as quickly as the needle was removed from my arm my blood pressure would drop and I would really feel very lightheaded or I would pass out.

This reaction was totally involuntary.

I have many memories of pushing the surgical treatment flooring with my legs on a chair, followed by the British custom of a corrective favorite.

Considered that I am a person who has preserved a deep and applied use many useful as well as healing mental, psychological and spiritual practices over a long period of time, it bothered me that I had this embarrassing issue.

I remember that the regional surgery saw the funny side of it and also utilized to play down it yet to me, as a control fanatic, it was bothersome as well as embarrassing.

When I uncovered Emotional Liberty Method I believed I would certainly attempt it out on this anxiety.

I did a number of brief sessions of EFT related to this fear and the outcomes were dramatic. From a sensation of 9/10 on a pain range it lowered to an extremely workable 3/10.

The very following time I checked out the surgical procedure and there was a needle entailed, I felt fine. I picked not to see the needle entering into my arm yet the fundamental procedure created me zero result. There disappeared sudden loss of blood pressure and having to push the floor or faint.

I know that on the range of human suffering my trouble didn’t amount to much, yet I am sharing this because the result was so quick as well as dramatic, and this was the only point that worked!

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