A Golden Opportunity

  • Post by James Sumo
  • Jan 14, 2023
A Golden Opportunity

A Golden Opportunity

We currently reside in a country, in a political landscape, in a social environment that is presented each day with the outright evidence that the current situation is as a straight result of the last 24 years of Rainbow Governance.

A nation where the policy to transform place names is regarded to remove the past.

A nation where affirmative action has confirmed to be entirely inoperable as a result of a society of need as opposed to capitalism.

A system that has come a cropper to level the playing field in favour of the formerly disadvantaged.

Incapable to provide substitute employees certified to take on the jobs as well as placements they desire.

An education and learning system that lowers bench to permit the masses access to tertiary education. Only to come a cropper and fall by the wayside bleating at the injustice that is commonly as a straight outcome of their very own incompetence, overemphasized assumptions and also minimal abilities. Where those very frustrated individuals prosecute in torching their establishments of learning showing their informed logical method of debate, arrangement and also factor.

We reside in a nation where good example are on a daily basis being hauled up in front of courts, tribunals, questions, judicial testimonials and every various other legal system with the ability of exposing the system, being native, repeated over the last quarter of a century committed on biblical proportions of swarming corruption, self-enrichment as well as profiteering with scant respect to their ethical duty to individuals and also position they held.

These role models are none other than chosen officials delegated with the running of the government, sector, our health solutions, authorities services, social solutions, education, military and a huge selection of other institutes and also entities.

This is a country that launched its liberty on the wings of a constitution the envy of the globe, to make all guys equal, all males complimentary.

In the period of a quarter of a century, not the thousands of years that male’s footprints have beautified the planet, you have solitarily made mockery of that constitution, belittled your flag, disgraced your kind.

You are responsible for your own demise as well as squeal like stuck pigs since time has reduced your greed and also the day of reckoning is upon you.

This is the nation that sobs wolf long into the evening concerning the oppressions of racism as well as the moving results of its effect.

This belongs to me laying blame at the door of my parents having actually flown the nest, struck out on my own, stopped working, failed miserably, failed unforgivably and mentioning that it was all their fault not recognizing my very own unyielding acts.

This is a nation where those currently under the microscopic lense cry persecution and have the audacity to require and frequently get their legal expenses paid by the state as well as thus the taxpayer to safeguard the huge lot of money stolen from the extremely segments of society being asked, no being told they will need to pay.

This is a country, a federal government who have decided that land expropriation without compensation is the means onward. This based upon suspicious analysis of the law, extra for political expediency than fair governance.

These ventures have placed South Africa honest and aboveboard in the headlights of the global area in contrast to the international treaty which looks upon land expropriation without payment as prohibited. A treaty of which South Africa is a notary.

It is a considered that global investors will certainly not buy a nation run by thieves who twist the constitution to their own ends. Equally as much it is a considered that to endure countries require internal financial investment.

South Africa, you are a country awakening to the truth that under your really noses for the last 25 years of your background your assets have actually been methodically raped and also plundered by the few that have the temerity to call themselves your leaders.

You, as South Africans, have much to do.

Personally, you must eliminate this culture of expectations without effort and also input from your side.

You need to analyze yourselves, review your goals and guide a program.

Ask not what South Africa can do for you yet what you can do for South Africa.

Publically the initial thing you can do is rid yourself of the yoke that cowers your labours. Rid yourself of the nepotism, native, unfettered crime that is the high percentage of individuals to whom you delegated your well being.

Cut cancer out as if it was the really essence of what your life relies on, which it does.

Rally to the tenets of the constitution installing it back in its place of honour.

However greater than this if you can grasp the belief and take the minute you, as well as you alone can halt the disintegration right into a banana republic run by criminal blood drawing leeches

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