A Golden Opportunity

  • Post by James Sumo
  • Mar 12, 2022
A Golden Opportunity

A Golden Possibility

We presently live in a nation, in a political landscape, in a social climate that exists every day with the outright proof that the present circumstance is as a direct result of the last 24 years of Rainbow Administration.

A country where the policy to transform name is regarded to expunge the past.

A country where affirmative activity has actually proven to be completely inoperable due to a culture of need rather than free enterprise.

A system that has actually failed miserably to level the playing area in favour of the previously deprived.

Incapable to supply substitute employees qualified to undertake the tasks and also positions they desire.

An education system that reduces bench to permit the masses accessibility to tertiary education and learning. Only to fail miserably as well as fall by the wayside bleating at the injustice that is often as a direct result of their very own inexperience, exaggerated expectations and limited capacities. Where those extremely frustrated people seek redress in torching their establishments of finding out demonstrating their enlightened rational technique of discussion, arrangement and factor.

We live in a nation where role models get on a day-to-day basis being hauled up before courts, tribunals, queries, judicial testimonials and every other lawful device with the ability of revealing the system, being native to the island, duplicated over the last quarter of a century carried out on biblical percentages of rife corruption, self-enrichment and also profiteering with little respect to their ethical responsibility to individuals and also setting they held.

These good example are none besides elected authorities delegated with the running of the federal government, industry, our wellness services, police solutions, social services, education and learning, army as well as a variety of various other institutes and also entities.

This is a nation that introduced its liberty on the wings of a constitution the envy of the world, to make all males equivalent, all men complimentary.

In the period of a quarter of a century, not the thousands of years that guy’s footprints have actually beautified the planet, you have solitarily made mockery of that constitution, belittled your flag, disgraced your kind.

You are in charge of your own death and also screech like stuck pigs since time has actually slowed your greed and the day of projection is upon you.

This is the nation that sobs wolf long right into the night regarding the oppressions of discrimination and also the moving effects of its effect.

This is akin to me laying blame at the door of my moms and dads having flown the nest, started out on my very own, fell short, failed miserably, fell short unforgivably as well as stating that it was all their mistake not acknowledging my very own unyielding acts.

This is a nation where those now under the microscopic lense cry oppression as well as presume to demand as well as commonly get their lawful bills paid by the state and therefore the taxpayer to defend the substantial lot of money taken from the very sectors of society being asked, no being told they will certainly have to pay.

This is a nation, a government that have made a decision that land expropriation without payment is the way forward. This based upon dubious interpretation of the legislation, much more for political expediency than fair governance.

These exploits have actually placed South Africa fair and square in the headlights of the worldwide neighborhood unlike the international treaty which considers land expropriation without payment as illegal. A treaty of which South Africa is a signature.

It is a considered that worldwide investors will certainly not invest in a country run by burglars who twist the constitution to their own ends. Equally as much it is a given that to endure nations need internal investment.

South Africa, you are a nation waking up to the truth that under your very noses for the last 25 years of your background your properties have actually been methodically raped as well as plundered by the few that have the temerity to call themselves your leaders.

You, as South Africans, have much to do.

Directly, you should eradicate this culture of expectations without initiative as well as input from your side.

You need to examine yourselves, critique your objectives and steer a training course.

Ask not what South Africa can do for you however what you can do for South Africa.

Publically the initial point you can do is rid yourself of the yoke that trembles your work. Rid on your own of the nepotism, native, unconfined criminality that is the high percentage of individuals to whom you entrusted your well being.

Cut cancer out as if it was the very essence of what your life relies on, which it does.

Rally to the tenets of the constitution installing it back in its place of honour.

Yet more than this if you can understand the belief and confiscate the moment you, and you alone can stop the disintegration right into a banana republic run by criminal blood drawing leeches

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