The Embarrassing Rise and Fall of the “Lake” at the North Pole

Rise and Fall of the “Lake” at the North Pole

Climate change activists punched the panic button last week as a time lapse video was released appearing to show the North Pole transforming from a winter wonderland into a vast lake. The images (captured by the North Pole Environmental Observatory) went viral and the public outcry was loud and clear – Global Warming made the North Pole disappear!! I have no doubt that somewhere out there… Al Gore’s own horn was tooting up a storm.

Statements in the media clearly intended to push the idea that the Lake was a new fixture on the Polar landscape. Huffington Post proclaimed “Arctic sea ice has become a noticeable victim of climate change.”

The images are jarring. What once was an icy tundra looks now to be a tropical paradise. HuffPost dramatically calls it a “Lake at the Top of the World.” All implications were that this was a permanent disaster, and that stupid humans and their stupid CO2 were the culprits. I hope Santa has flood insurance!

Wouldn’t it be super embarrassing if the “lake” at the North Pole went away, like less than a week after it formed? It sure would! The only thing more embarrassing than that would be if scientists prove that the “lake” was a totally normal thing and happens every year!

North Pole ‘Lake’ Vanishes – Live Science

Awkwaaard. It turns out that the “lake” has disappeared, and everything is hunky–dory. In fact, while the media referred to the so-called lake as “vast” and “expansive”, scientists just call it a pond. From Yahoo News:

The melting is actually part of an annual summer thaw, according to researchers who run the North Pole Environmental Observatory. “The formation of these ponds and their disappearance is part of a natural cycle,” said Axel Schweiger, head of the Applied Physics Laboratory’s Polar Science Center at the University of Washington, which helps run the observatory.

While initial reports focused on the unusually high temps for July, it seems not to have made this ice melt anything to get excited about. Researchers report that size and timing of the pond are typical for this time of year and location.


As a funny aside, while the Live Science headline boldly proclaims that the “Lake” vanished… the headline for the exact same article by the exact same writer re-posted on the Huffington Post reads: ‘Lake’ Near North Pole May Have Disappeared What?? I belabor the point.. this is the EXACT same article that was posted on Live Science, except the HuffPo headline seems to imply that the state of the lake is still up for debate!

Wouldn’t it just twist the knife if it turned out that July 2013 has actually brought about record COLD temperatures?