Save On Florida Auto Insurance With These Tips

While many factors affect the rate you will pay for your auto insurance, one thing stands out above the others. Your record for moving violations and previous claims, especially those where you were at fault, will have the biggest impact on how much you will be paying. The best way to reduce your insurance premiums is to employ safe driving habits and reduce the chances of an accident.

Don’t Drive Under The Influence

Even people who would never drive drunk may not realize that they are impaired with just a few drinks. Alcohol can reduce your ability to think and react quickly and slows your reaction time. It can also cause you to misjudge certain actions and make the wrong decisions. With more alcohol in the system, your vision can even become blurry and you can lose consciousness, even for just a few seconds.

Stay Within Speed Limit

The likelihood of having an accident increases with an increase in speed. It takes longer to stop at a higher speed and fast turns can spin out of control much easier. Always follow the speed limit and keep at a safe distance from the car in front of you.

Pay Attention

It is easy to become distracted, especially if you are driving along a straight highway with nothing to do. Thanks to today’s technology, you may find it easy to entertain yourself with the radio, mp3 layer, or cell phone. However, even a few seconds’ distraction can cause a serious accident. Other activities such as applying makeup or even visiting with passengers can take your eyes and attention from the road.

Stay Awake

This sounds like advice that doesn’t need to be given, but it can be all too easy to nod off without realizing how sleepy you really are. You can zone out from repetitive scenery before you know what has happened. It only takes a few minutes to get out of your car and walk around to wake yourself up. You can also order a drink or pick up snacks if you need to wake up. If all else fails, pull off somewhere safe and take a short nap. Your safety is more important than whatever destination you are headed to.

Wear A Seatbelt

If you are wearing your seatbelt in an accident, you will probably suffer less severe and fewer injuries. Statistics show that many people who were thrown from the car and killed were not wearing their seat belts. Even at low speeds you can end up hitting the dashboard or windshield if you crash.

While you may not be asked if you follow these rules in auto insurance quotes, the data on you won’t lie. Auto crashes are less likely to happen and are usually less severe if you are driving defensively. The best way to reduce the cost when you get auto insurance quotes is to show that you are a good, safe driver