Beyond Extraordinary Radio Ep. 48: Dr. Aaron Judkins – Dead Sea Cave Expedition 2016

Dr. Aaron Judkins – Dead Sea Cave Expedition 2016

In 1946 Bedouin shepherds, in an area known as Qumran, located a cave system filled with ancient clay jars. What lay inside these jars was a discovery with massive historical and spiritual significance: including what is now known as the Dead Sea Scrolls. While the scrolls and their contents have captivated and educated us for decades, what is not known is if there may be more scrolls out there just waiting to be unearthed. One man interested in answering that question is Dr. Aaron Judkins. And not only is he fascinated by the prospect, but now he has the opportunity to go to Qumran and see for himself!

As an archaeologist, Aaron is best known for his work with the recent film Finding Noah, as well as his own program Man vs. Archaeology along with his research trips that have taken him around the world from the Middle East to Peru, to sites right in our own American backyard. Here to discuss an exciting opportunity to excavate and explore a cave in the Qumran region that up until now has been buried and untouched, I was super excited to talk to the Maverick Archaeologist himself, Dr. Aaron Judkins!