Beyond Extraordinary Ep. 47: Detestable with Director Thomas Dunn

Detestable with Director Thomas Dunn

In the 1980’s, a wave of stories began to hit the media about strange secret rituals and children enduring horrific abuse. Now coined “satanic panic”, this period of time is often relegated to a tragic footnote in American culture… a time when we allowed ourselves to be swept up in a hysteria promulgated by opportunistic hype men and careless therapies that planted false memories into the heads of innocent children. It is often looked upon with either amusement or disdain, but is rarely taken seriously in secular circles.

Despite the secular realm’s disregard for Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), thousands of people across the world have continued to come forward with strikingly similar stories of ritualistic torture at the hands of their families or neighbors; people who would outwardly seem completely benign but who carry a sinister generational secret.

In an effort to give a voice to these victims and to sound the alarm to a skeptical world, filmmaker Thomas Dunn has directed a chilling documentary called “Detestable”, which we are going to discuss in this episode.

Tom discusses what inspired him to take on such a heavy topic as SRA, how he became involved in helping victims get saved, healed and delivered by Jesus Christ, and how all of this has become a passion and a ministry for him. We also discuss the filmmaking process and I feel we really get to the heart of why this is an important topic to place and keep on the table.