Beyond Extraordinary Ep. 46: Family, Faith, Fellowship, and Fringe – with Special Guest Pastor Mike Spaulding

Family, Faith, Fellowship, and Fringe – with Special Guest Pastor Mike Spaulding

Whew! Where the heck has Natalina been? She hasn’t published a new episode of Beyond Extraordinary Radio in months! What happened? Was she abducted by Sasquatch? Sucked into a Black Hole whilst on a top secret mission at CERN? Did she get distracted by too many cute kitties? Where did she go???

Relax cats and kittens! I’m back in the podcasting saddle after a long hiatus attending to family business. I discuss all of the particulars in this brand new episode of Beyond Extraordinary Radio.

In this program, I share a personal story of healing and hope, and it is my prayer that it encourages and uplifts you and strengthens your faith in our amazing Heavenly Father.

Then, we take a trip down the rabbit hole to see if there’s anything really worth seeing down there, or if perhaps we’ve been spending too much time chillin’ with the white rabbit in Wonderland. Is it possible that a gal who has spent the preponderance of her ministry discussing fringey topics has come to a place where she thinks that people are devoting too much of their minds and hearts to the uncovering of conspiracy? Stay tuned to find out.

Moving merrily along, I welcome my dear friend Pastor Mike Spaulding of Calvary Chapel in Lima, Ohio to the program. He is the perfect person to help with a discussion about the importance of fellowship and corporate worship. Mike and I have a frank and enlightening discussion about these topics.

Finally, I wrap up with a brief discussion about growing in Grace.

I want to thank everyone single one of you who have been praying for my family during this difficult time. Your prayers and petitions have been received and heard by our merciful Lord and I am humbled by both His goodness and your kindness.