Beyond Extraordinary Ep. 45: Exploring Eternity – Josh Peck and Special Guest Christina Peck

Exploring Eternity – Josh Peck and Special Guest Christina Peck

Exactly one year ago today, I was a guest on Josh Peck’s podcast “The Sharpening Report”. Since that time, I’d been meaning to have Josh on Beyond Extraordinary Radio but because we are both busy people and life is wacky, we were just never able to make it happen. (The publishing of this episode on the exact one year anniversary of my appearance on Josh’s show was completely epic happenstance!)

But, Josh is my buddy and I do speak to him fairly regularly. Recently, he and I were chatting on the phone about a variety of things and as usual, talk turned to spiritual matters. Specifically, we were discussing Heaven and eternity. As Josh began to share with me his thoughts about Heaven, what it might be like, when we go there, who will be there with us, and how it all ties together scripturally… I found myself in tears. Never before had I considered eternity is such a way, and it was incredibly moving. Especially when talk turned to how we might experience relationships with those who we love in Heaven. I said, “Josh, we have to have you on Beyond Extraordinary to talk about this, and we have to do it now!”

Thus, this episode is all about eternity. Josh uses much of the research he has done in his book jiskha homework help online to lay out his case for why heaven is a personal, hyper-physical reality in which all believers dwell. To add to the conversation, we bring Josh’s amazing wife Christina into the interview to discuss how she and Josh met and how their thoughts on heaven and “soul love” have given them peace and comfort throughout their sweet love story.

I loved this interview with the Precious Pecks, and I think you’re going to love it too!