Beyond Extraordinary Ep. 43: Surrender, Trust, Delight, Love

Surrender, Trust, Delight, Love

She’s back! After what seems like an eternity, I am back with a brand new episode of Beyond Extraordinary Radio. Did ya miss me? Thank you so much to all of you who have written to me and reached out expressing your concern and at times gentle impatience (you know who you are!) about the lapse between episodes. So much has been going on in Natalinaville and in this episode I do open up a bit about what some of those things have been. This is a solo show with no guest so it will just be me and you having a chat, which I haven’t done for a long time!

In this episode I discuss a variety of things including some announcements about upcoming projects, some personal things happening in my life, some important things that have been on my heart about surrendering everything to the Lord, trusting Him, delighting ourselves in Him, and loving Him while also loving one another. Awwwww!

Also on the discussion table we have the looming October 7 Doomsday prediction of eBible Fellowship, Natalina’s thoughts on truthers and the “truth movement” both historically and currently, and then the last portion of the show is a little recorded treat from a current project I’m involved with. It’s a packed show. I hope you enjoy it!