Beyond Extraordinary Ep. 42: Diamond Dee Bell

Diamond Dee Bell

Today’s culture is saturated with stories of people who go to great lengths in an effort to change and transform themselves into something that externally reflects how they see themselves internally. This can manifest in things as simple as age defying procedures like botox and facelifts or nose jobs and breast augmentations. For some people, the transformation is decidedly more dramatic and even includes attempting to change their very gender.

For some, the knee jerk reaction to such stories tends to be judgement and shame… but what if there is more to the story? What if there is more to the person? What if the story leads to redemption and can actually result in a beautiful testimony that glorifies God in His mercy and grace?

One man who has such a story is the wonderful Diamond Dee Bell. Diamond Dee has a testimony that touched my heart deeply. It is one of a lifetime of rebellion through sex and drugs and ultimately a gender reassignment surgery. But that is not the most important part of the story. In the aftermath of all of this, Diamond Dee turned to the Lord and now is dedicated to living an authentic life the way God made him, and uses his testimony to reach others who might find themselves in similar situations. In this episode, you will hear Diamond Dee’s story. It will challenge you, it will make you as questions, and it is my prayer that this moving testimony will touch your heart.