Beyond Extraordinary Ep. 41: Hostage to the Devil with Director Marty Stalker

Hostage to the Devil with Director Marty Stalker

The struggle between good and evil, light and darkness, purity and depravity… it is an age old struggle that man has sought to understand and ultimately overcome. Most cultures embrace some semblance of an evil and good duality, but often such discussions are relegated to the philosophical and speculative.. rarely reaching into our material and practical every day lives. However, for some… the battle is not merely and abstract concept, but a very real war that is waged against powers and entities that would settle for nothing less than our very souls. One man who took the matter of demonic possession seriously was the late Father Malachi Martin. For many students of the supernatural, Fr. Martin is a mythical figure, one who wrote books and whose distinct voice could be heard via late night radio. For others, he was a friend, a mentor, a confidant. And for the demonic… he was an enemy.

T.V. and Film director Marty Stalker has taken on the task of examining the life and ministry of Malachi Martin in his forthcoming documentary “Hostage to the Devil.” With access to a variety of personal acquaintances and friends from Malachi Martin’s life, Marty’s film will certainly be a fascinating look at the nature of the battles against against the powers and principalities warned about in Ephesians… and specifically the work of one man who devoted his life to exposing them.

I was very pleased to invite filmmaker Marty Stalker to Beyond Extraordinary!