Beyond Extraordinary Ep. 28: Dr. Michael S. Heiser – The Portent

Dr. Michael S. Heiser – The Portent

As an avid reader, it troubles me that I find myself with less and less time to kick back and really enjoy a good book. I find myself with an ever increasing reading list, and an ever dwindling amount of time to actually chip away at the list. With that said, I am so grateful that I made the time to read the latest in The Facade Saga… The Portent. I was not disappointed, and found myself wishing that I could transition directly into the yet to be written third book in this incredible series.

Last time I interviewed buy cheap brand levitra online prescription, we discussed his testimony as well as many areas of his vast field of study. During this interview, Mike and I talked about The Portent and I eagerly picked his brain about his motivations and inspirations for the novel, while both of us carefully avoided plot spoilers.

Dr. Heiser is indeed one of the most intelligent and well studied Biblical scholars any of us are likely to encounter, but he’s also an absolutely delightful person to speak with and is a magnificent guest.

I absolutely urge all of you to make time for The Portent. I expect that you will come away as eager, enlightened, empowered, and entertained as I was. Please enjoy this conversation with the author, Dr. Michael S. Heiser.