Beyond Extraordinary Ep. 26: EMP Threat with F. Michael Maloof

EMP Threat with F. Michael Maloof

In this episode of Beyond Extraordinary, I’ve broken the show up into two sections.

In the first half, I take a trip down a nuclear rabbit trail as we follow the history of the atomic age from the Manhattan Project to Fukushima and into the brave new world of high altitude nukes capable of triggering an electromagnetic pulse. I pay particular attention to the way the nuclear threat has manifested via popular culture.

In the second half, I talk to F. Michael Maloof, author of A Nation Forsaken – EMP: The Escalating Threat of an American Catastrophe. Maloof, a former senior security policy analyst in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, has almost 30 years of federal service in the U.S. Defense Department and as a specialized trainer for border guards and Special Forces in select countries of the Caucasus and Central Asia. While with the Department of Defense, Maloof was Director of Technology Security Operations as head of a 10-person team involved in halting the diversion of militarily-critical technologies to countries of national security and proliferation concern and those involved in sponsoring terrorism.

Maloof has also been a special Washington correspondent for The Detroit News, a reporter for a specialized newsletter at U.S. News & World Report and Washington correspondent for The Union Leader in Manchester, NH. Currently, he is the senior reporter in WND’s Washington bureau.

I am grateful to Mr. Maloof for taking the time out of his very hectic schedule to talk to the Beyond Extraordinary audience about the potential for an EMP attack on the U.S. power grid, and how it might affect us. Not satisfied with mere talk, Maloof is taking action by forming a coalition that is actively engaging members of Congress in an effort to ignite a sense of urgency about the real danger of such an attack, and to expose how weak our grid currently is, not to mention our lack of preparedness to respond. It is his hope that Congress begins to take this threat seriously and will allocate funds needed to make the appropriate changes to fortify our grid and prepare a plan of action before it is too late.