Beyond Extraordinary 15: The World of Philip K. Dick – with Tessa B. Dick

The World of Philip K. Dick was one that in some ways, paralleled the heroes and anti-heroes of his famous stories.  He was a complex man.  A multi-faceted man.  A troubled man.  A brilliant man.  He is best known for the novels and stories that have led to major motion pictures such as Blade Runner, Total Recall, Minority Report and many more.  He is widely regarded as one of the most influential sci-fi writers of the past half century. was married to this prolific author. Hers is a bird’s eye view into a world that many people have tried to understand both during his life, and since his untimely passing in 1982.  In her own right, Tessa B. Dick has been publishing her creative writing since 1969, when she sold an article with photographs to Alive! magazine.  After teaching English and Communications at Chapman University for 12 years, she retired in order to devote full time to her writing.

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Philip K. Dick has amassed a fan base worldwide that rivals some of the most famous authors of all time.  Indeed, he IS one of the most well known and well regarded writers in his genre, and beyond. years ago, I became acquainted with Tessa Dick and have enjoyed her colorful personality, her love of her cats (four that she admits to having), and her love of Phil.  She’s a fascinating woman with a quirky personality and she’s just impossible not to like.

Join us as Tessa gives us an exclusive tour of the World of Philip K. Dick.

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As mentioned in the interview, check out the The Philip K. Dick Android Project.

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Beyond Extraordinary 15: The World of Philip K. Dick – with Tessa B. Dick