Woman Nearly Swallowed by Whale (Video)

This is reason number 437 why the ocean is super scary!

I thought the only things we had to worry about while enjoying a day at sea were sharks and jelly fish.  Not so, says the humpback whale.

A young surfer was enjoying the waves in Santa Cruz, California.   In recent weeks, this area  has been inhabited by humpbacks near the shoreline, which is part of their ancestral migration route.  Spectators have been gathering to catch a glimpse of the majestic creatures in their natural habitat, but as our surfer lady was about to learn, it is best to keep a safe distance when these 79,000 lb whales are feeding.

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Nearly becoming a modern day Recommended Reading, the woman narrowly escapes being swallowed by the massive jaws.  Amazingly, the entire episode was caught on video.  Take a look.