Watching a Storm Roll In and Out (with video)

On June 20, I was driving around town having just returned from a long vacation.  It was a lovely and sunny day here in Minnesota and I was just enjoying it.  As I sat at a red light, I noticed there were some amazing clouds in the sky so I decided to drive to the outskirts of town to get a better view.


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As the sky grew darker, I climbed a hill to see what was on the horizon.  It was there that I noticed the ominous band of storm clouds.  They were so impressive and I just watched in awe as they raced closer and closer.

The closer the clouds got, the more thunder and lightning became visible.  It really was breathtaking.  (Do not try this at home.  Standing on a hill making myself one of the highest points in my immediate surroundings during a thunderstorm was not my brightest of moments.  I was just so captivated!)

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Finally, it began to rain.  I got in my car to drive away but the rain was coming down so heavily I had to pull over again because my wipers couldn’t keep up.  I sat there, watching and listening until finally the storm began to subside.  I saw on the edge of the storm a sliver of blue sky beginning to emerge.  It was so beautiful! I’d forgotten during the darkness of the storm that it was actually still daytime!

The sky behind me was lit up by the late afternoon sun.  I felt the warmth upon my back as I stared straight ahead at the storm clouds still looming in front of me.  It created a great image of tree shadows on the green hill with the storm still raging in the distance.  No studio could have created such perfectly haunting lighting.  This is creation at its best!

All during this storm, I was alternately taking photos and capturing video.  I compiled all of the video clips into one 5 minute You Tube video, which can be seen below: