Watchers 8: Cloak of Secrecy – Review by Rose

I have not had the opportunity to watch Watchers 8, the latest in the Watchers series by my good friend LA Marzulli and his production partner Richard Shaw.  It’s on its way to me as we speak and I will surely watch it as soon as it arrives.  Meanwhile, I am posting a thoughtful review submitted to my site by a reader named Rose. And stay tuned, because the Magnificent Mr. Marzulli will be my next guest on Beyond Extraordinary!

Also, don’t forget to check out Marzulli and Shaw in their brand new Watchers TV! The first episode is available now at!

Watchers 8: Cloak of Secrecy

By Rose Diepstra

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On the same day that L.A. Marzulli blogged about NASA announcing that space scientists would find nonhuman intelligent life in the universe within two decades, I received my copy of Watchers 8.

L.A. Marzulli of Spiral of Life and Richard Shaw of Pinlight Production won the Best UFO Film and the People’s Choice Award for Watchers 7 from the 2014 EBE Film Festival, International UFO Congress, in Tempe, Arizona.  I was keen to see how they would follow that up, and I wasn’t disappointed.

As in the previous editions of Watchers this film’s basic premise is that in Earth’s antiquity fallen angels, the Watchers, came to earth and mated with human women.  This union created a third race of intelligent beings on this planet who left traces of their existence that can still be found today. And, there is evidence that there is an ongoing breeding program.

In Watchers 7 we were introduced to Bill, a man with an alien implant.  Watchers 8 opens with Bill in the surgical theater with the late Dr. Roger Leir and Dr. John Matrisciano examining the object in Bill’s leg.  Dr. Leir had already had CAT scans and x-rays performed and the implant proved visible on all tests.   He also used other equipment such as a Gauss meter and an ultra sound machine to verify the metal in Bill’s leg.  Two weeks later Bill was scheduled for surgery.

When they all reconvened and the doctors examined the implant, it seemed to have disappeared despite the exhaustive documentation and the fact that the implant was just under the skin.  The doctors searched for more than an hour without finding it.

Finally, Marzulli, who suspected that sinister forces were behind the inability to find the implant, prayed: “Father, if there are forces that are cloaking this object I pray that you would break that and do it soon.”

Two minutes go by and the implant shows up on the ultra sound.  The meaning of what had happened was lost on no one in the room.  This is not in the film, but I talked to L.A. two days later.  L.A. told me that he pulled Dr. Leir aside and explained to him what had happened – that he had prayed and then the object appeared.  Dr. Leir’s response was, “I’ve got to tell Whitley.” (Whitley Strieber, the author of Communion, a recounting of his experiences with nonhuman entities.)

The doctors removed the object and sent it for testing. The results are still pending.   This was Dr. Leir’s seventeenth and final implant removal surgery.

Why did prayer reveal the cloaked implant? What was cloaking it?  Or, who was cloaking it?

And this was only the first ten minutes of the movie.  Marzulli goes on to talk to Steve Colbern, Capt. Robert Salas, Gary Stearman, Paul McGuire, Russ Dizdar, Brien Foerster, Chase Kloetske, Dr. Aaron Judkins, Ron Morehead, Joe Taylor, Dr. David Jacobs, and others.

Capt. Salas was at Malmstrom AFB in March 1967 when UFOs disabled nuclear missiles.  The same object that disabled the missiles also removed a 20-ton cover over the missile silo.  Marzulli and Shaw believe that there is a correlation between what has happened at more than one missile base and what happened in antiquity.  The film takes a twist here and heads south to Peru where ancient megalithic structures made of worked stones that weigh several tons each have been laid with such precision that modern technology would be hard pressed to duplicate them, and yet they were built by people who supposedly had not invented the wheel. Could these stones have been levitated into place?

How can UFOs lift concrete bunker lids that weigh 20 tons?  Is there a connection?

Marzulli interviews Chase Kloetske, MUFON investigator and forensic expert who accompanied them to Peru, about an experience she had as an investigator in a Tennessee field.  She said the fear she felt was beyond fight or flight; she felt abject terror when she encountered what every MUFON investigator hopes to see.

He interviews Ron Morehead who has made recordings of Bigfoot “conversations” about his belief that Bigfoot is a hybrid creature.

Brien Foerster shares his expertise on the elongated skulls of Peru.

Dr. Aaron Judkins and Joe Taylor carefully unwrap the skull of an ancient child’s mummified head.

And Marzulli talks to Dr. David Jacobs who fully believes that there is an ongoing breeding program being orchestrated by nonhuman entities.

It’s the kind of film one needs to watch more than once to get it all.  However, it leaves the viewer with the conviction that L.A. Marzulli and Richard Shaw are determined to rip back the cloak of secrecy and reveal the truth about what is happening in our world.