Waco Fertilizer Plant Explosion Caught on Cell Phone Video

Breaking News: An explosion at a Fertilizer Plant near Waco, TX has killed dozens and potentially trapped many others in nearby residential areas, according to a Fox News source.

Numerous injuries reported in large explosion at Texas fertilizer plant

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Homes and structures in a five to six block radius of the blast were badly damaged, including a middle school and a nursing home.

Below, I’ve included a chilling video captured by a cell phone camera near the site of the explosion.  It is truly disturbing.  After the blast you see the camera operator get blown back, and you can hear a child frantically saying, “Dad! I can’t hear! Please get out of here! Please get out of here!”

Thanks to William Toler of customer service email writing for assisting with this article and for sending me the video via free european dating sites.

In a strange twist, MikeHansonArchives (video source) points out that this fertilizer plant is located just 26 miles from the Branch Davidian Church. In two days on Friday, April 19th, the Branch Davidians are holding a 20th Anniversary Memorial.

In an even stranger coincidence, this explosion took place one day after the anniversary of what is known as the “Texas City Disaster” which happened on April 16, 1947.  It was the deadliest industrial accident in American history.  Eerily, the source of that disaster was ammonium nitrate (used in fertilizer) More can you take vicodin with xanax.

In a press conference, Mayor Tommy Muska (West, Texas) made the comment that “A lot of people won’t be here tomorrow.”

In the video below, you can see a fireball to the left just before the explosion.

My heart is broken for those affected by this disaster. Please join me in praying for those who lost their lives in this unimaginable tragedy.