Urgent: Calling All Philip K. Dick Fans!

It is likely that not a single E.I. reader has managed to slip through life without being touched in some way by the work of Philip K. Dick.  The man is a legend, his books are genius, and the films based upon his work have become iconic.  http://www.pcpd.ph/, creative writing help lakeland fl, http://theopinionator.com/low-cost-cialis-online/ and More hints are just a few of the films that have endeavored to tell tales that really… only PKD could tell properly.  Most recently, the remake of Total Recall and 2011’s viagra fast shipping (starring Matt Damon) have continued the Hollywood tradition of capitalizing on the work of a man who was largely overlooked during his lifetime.

Since his passing in 1982, Philip K Dick has become a cult hero to sci-fi enthusiasts and astute students of future trends.  His work is complex and creative while challenging readers to consider the world around them and what might lie ahead.

Certainly, the PKD body of work has launched a thousand careers and lined countless bank accounts; which is why I find it so disturbing that at this very moment, Philip’s widow Tessa lives in poverty with an uncertain future.

Tessa B. Dick is the 5th wife of Philip.  They married in 1973 and had a son together named Christopher.  Tessa herself is an avid writer and when she isn’t spending her time championing the preservation of the integrity of her late husband’s work, Tessa is telling her own tales with masterful wit and imagination.  Tessa has also written a number of books about Philip K. Dick and their lives together.  Hers is a voice that not only stands firmly on its own, but it was a crucial voice in the creation of one of Philip’s most loved novels, A Scanner Darkly.  In fact, Philip credited Tessa as having helped with the writing of A Scanner Darkly to a great extent.  Imagining these two creative writers brainstorming over such a deep and insightful plot could probably make a great story in itself.

Currently, Tessa is living in California with her beloved cats, and is struggling to make ends meet.  A series of injuries have left her with disabilities preventing her from joining the 9-5 workforce, and as any writer knows, it is difficult to depend upon a steady paycheck from book sales, particularly in this economy.

To impress upon you the seriousness of Tessa’s current situation, she recently shared with me that she is in danger of losing what little she still owns.  (Tessa did not reach out to me to write this article.  She is my friend and I am concerned about her)  She faces homelessness if she cannot find affordable housing for herself and her precious cats.   She’s currently living on a meager helping of food stamps and the generosity of a local church.  She’s currently at the mercy of government bureaucracy as she awaits the acceptance of her disability and medicaid claims.  The woman needs our help.

What angers me is that there are millions being made… RIGHT NOW… from the work of her late husband, and yet the woman that he loved until the end is barely getting by.  I am calling on all of those who profess to be fans of PKD, and to those of you who have a heart, to consider helping Tessa in this tough time.

While you dig deeply into your pockets to shell out for that ticket for the Total Recall remake, or to buy the latest super deluxe amazing ultimate double diamond edition of Blade Runner, perhaps you can grab a couple of extra bucks and keep a roof over Tessa Dick’s head.

Tessa is a charming woman with a huge heart.  She loves people and she loves animals.  She cherishes the written word and is a brilliant mind in her own right.  She deserves better than the hand she’s been dealt.  Through all of her struggles, she’s kept a wry sense of humor and a deep faith in her Creator.  Here’s a charming video of Tessa reading from one of her novels. You’ll hear a cameo from her kitty Tuffy in the background:

This is how you can help Tessa.  You can donate to her fund directly via paypal at her email address tuffy777@gmail.com.

You can also help Tessa by perusing her library of work and purchasing one of her books.  I’ve created a widget below that contains many of the books Tessa has written, and any purchase helps her tremendously.


If you purchase a book written by Tessa, or have already read one, it always helps to leave a review on Amazon.com to boost her visibility!

Click the above book cover to purchase Tessa B. Dick’s novel, The Darkening of the Light

Short on cash?  There are other ways you can help Tessa.   You can visit and interact on her brand new website at TessaDick.com and be sure to subscribe for updates.  You can also visit her Examiner and Epinions articles via the following links:



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