Upcoming Downtime for Maintenance

Extraordinary Intelligence will be undergoing some routine maintenance on Sept. 12-13 during the overnight hours.  For a few hours overnight, you may notice some downtime or wonkiness on the site.  Don’t be alarmed! We’re going to be changing the look and feel of E.I. just a smidge and then all will be back to normal.

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Routine maintenance.  Isn’t that a funny phrase?  I learned it back in my days as an Amazon customer service rep.  If you ever are told by an Amazon rep that the site is experiencing “routine maintenance”… this can be translated as, “Amazon is broken!! We’re trying to fix it! Panic panic panic!”  Luckily, with E.I. it really is what it sounds like; scheduled downtime.  We’re just planning to make a few adjustments and all will be copacetic in the world of the Extraordinary.

In the meantime and in-between time, here’s a fun cartoon for you to watch! I quite enjoyed it.