Unholy Matrimony: Convicted Cannibal and Satanic Vampire Murderer to Marry

Two of Sweden’s most infamous killers are in love.  Isakin Jonsson, 33 and Michelle Gustafsson, 23 are both inmates at the high-security Karsuddens psychiatric facility in Sweden where they are both serving indefinite sentences for murder.  And both of their crimes are beyond grisly.

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A match made in Hell.

Jonsson was convicted of killing his girlfriend, mother of five Helle Christiansen.  He decapitated her and ate portions of her head and other body parts.  He later boasted about his diabolical deed on the Internet, which lead to his arrest.

Gustafsson is a self professed Satanic vampire.    She was incarcerated for the murder of Daniel Stenman, a single father.  She stabbed him, drank his blood, and then posted pictures of herself online  holding a power saw while his blood dripped from her lips.  Since her gruesome crime, Michelle has gathered a disturbing cult following of online vampire wannabes.

Both opted for indefinite incarceration at a mental health facility in order to avoid life sentences.  With that said, it is unlikely that either will ever be released, given the severity of their crimes.

Apparently, eating your girlfriend or drinking your dead victim’s blood isn’t enough to remove internet privileges for the criminally insane in Sweden.  This week, Michelle posted the following sentiment online, ‘We want to live together at some point, have dogs and pursue our hobbies: piercing and tattoos.’

Her “fiance” posted, ‘I love Michelle. Have never met anyone like her. I want to live a non-criminal life.’

It is unknown whether their request to marry will be granted.