UFOs… Truth or Deception? Part 2: Project Blue Beam

http://newagecaravans.com.au/This is the second part in my series titled, UFOs… Truth or Deception? The purpose is not to debunk mainstream UFO theories, or to deride UFO enthusiasts (After all, I am one).   The focus is on exploring a multitude of options, in the interest of my own truth seeking integrity.  Extraordinary Intelligence is about a quest for knowledge… wherever that takes us.  It is up to YOU to decide the most likely scenario.

Part One explores cases of Mistaken Identity.  Please click below and take a look:


Theory #2:  Project Blue Beam

In 1994, investigative reporter Serge Monast presented to the Canadian Free Press of Quebec, Canada a report titled http://www.mancaveplaybabes.com/.  In the report, Mr. Monast lays out a sinister plot by NASA and the Government at large to dupe the public into accepting “Signs and Wonders” as evidence of the illegitimacy of their own religious beliefs (or lack thereof), and to promote the emergence of a New Age religion… one which would be necessary to usher in a false messiah, and consequently a New World Order.

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In his report, Serge stated, “Without a universal belief in the new age religion, the success of the new world order will be impossible!”  He claimed that Blue Beam would be implemented in four stages.

Engineered Earthquakes & Hoaxed ‘Discoveries’

This is the stage wherein natural disasters will be engineered by projects like HAARP, in order to breakdown known archaeological knowledge.  Earthquakes will strike at precise locations, opening up “new discoveries” that will rock people’s foundations.  Along with these “revelations” is a psychological implantation of alien invasion and genetic engineering scenarios via films like “Independence Day” and “Jurrassic Park”, promoting the populace to question established religious doctrine.

The Big Space Show in the Sky

This is the stage that particularly relates to the UFO phenomenon.  During Stage 2 of Blue Beam, three dimensional holograms are said to be prepared to project images to different parts of the world.  These holograms will portray, in part, exactly what each region perceives as “God” or deity, and will speak in all languages, communicating messages to the masses, captivating them.  Ultimately, a new Christ… or “Extra resources” will be introduced, encouraging people to cast doubt on their old beliefs.. and embrace a new savior; a new message.

Serge claims that trial runs of these holograms are happening now, and have been happening for some time.  These “test” projections are what we consider to be UFOs.  He says that “Even the most learned will be deceived,” when the plan goes into this phase.  There is even an element meant to simulate a “rapture” scenario, in which people will be swept up in beams of light.  Tests on this technology are supposedly manifesting in the form of “alien abductions” that we hear so much about today.  Serge is quick to point out that this will be the beginning of a Holy War… and human life will be lost an an massive level;  unlike anything ever before experienced.

Artificial Thought & Communication

The third step of Blue Beam introduces telepathic communication.  In a two-way process, each person will believe they are hearing the voice of “god” in their head;  indeed they will feel it right down to their souls.  In return, their thoughts will be fed back into the “machine”, where extensive mixing of information will confuse people, and ultimately make them feel “one” with god and each other.

In this section of Serge’s report, he details extensively how such technology already exists, and has been being perfected over decades.  It is really worthwhile to read his whole report, particularly this part, as it outlines how scientists already know how to infiltrate a person’s brain and project messages into it.

Perhaps the most eerie part of Serge Monast’s report is also found here in Phase Three.  As he explains the ability of government entities to manipulate people’s bodies remotely, he specifically states, “it is technically feasible to produce heart attacks with rays designed to penetrate the human chest.”  The significance of this statement is its element of foreshadowing… as both Serge and his research partner died of ‘heart attacks’ only days apart.  The depth to which Serge was tortured and tormented prior to his untimely death is utterly disturbing.  More info can be found here:  Project Blue Beam.

Universal Supernatural Manifestations via Electronics

The Fourth and Final step of the Blue Beam agenda, according to Serge, was a multi-step process that encompasses much of what is mentioned above.  Consider it the Grand Finale… the final assault.  There are 3 specific parts and they are as follows:

a.  An alien (off-world) invasion Human kind will be led to believe that an Alien Invasion is about to occur in every major city in the U.S.   This will prompt all nuclear armed nations to launch and assault, which will open the door for the UN (Who staged the invasion in the first place) to disarm everyone.

b. A Staged “Rapture” will be Promoted – This will be done in the form of a manufactured divine intervention by an off-world presence come to rescue humans from the Evils of this world.  This really will be an effort to literally scoop out any remaining opposition.  Serge said this will occur literally within hours of the beginning of the sky show in point A.

c. A mixture of electronic and supernatural forces – This is the creepiest by far.  This is an all out assault on the remaining population via chips that are already implanted in their appliances, waves traveling through wires and fiber optics, and phone lines.  The intended purpose will be to launch all out psychological warfare on humans;  making them believe they are seeing demons and specters around every corner.. driving them to the brink of insanity.

Finally, after this Night of a Thousand Stars the masses will be so worn down that they will gladly accept this new messiah, hand over their freedoms, and beg the NWO to re-establish peace.

As thoroughly as I’ve laid out the above scenario, I don’t want you to believe that I am a Monast apologist.  I don’t know what to think about his claims.  I think they are mysterious, frightening, and almost beyond belief.

But even if all of it isn’t true.. it seems there are some valuable warnings contained in his ideas.  The concept of Blue Beam has picked up steam in light of the recent new wave of UFO excitement.  Known Conspiracy experts and alternative media figures have been speaking up about the possibility of a possible UFO hoax or “false flag” designed to subdue the masses.  Perhaps not on the grand scale as laid out by Serge Monast, but certainly in the same spirit.

Recently, Alex Jones was a guest on Coast to Coast Am, and spoke to host George Noory about a possible “False Flag” invasion:

**Warning… Skyline film Spoiler-ish alert!** As I travel down the Blue Beam rabbit hole, I can’t help but think about my recent viewing of the film Skyline.  First of all, there’s the marketing that just oozes that lovely and alluring blue color.  I have to admit that I found it so appealing, as I described previously here:  Skyline Trailer Creates More Disclosure Buzz

Having now seen the movie, here’s what I can tell you.  One of the first things you see is a series of Blue Beams coming down from the sky.  Blinding blue beams that burn the eyes and skin… and yet are nearly impossible to resist.  When one stares at the blue light, they are drawn to it, eventually to be sucked into a giant hovering mothership.  There is a particularly disturbing scene (a few actually) in which hundreds and thousands of people are being lifted simultaneously out of their daily lives and up through the sky via this beam, and into the ship.  There’s just something…. something about that imagery that gives me chills.

Is this film foreshadowing a future event?  Is it a coincidence?  Or maybe the filmmaker is familiar with the theory of Project Blue Beam, and is simply playing off of the concept.

And that brings me to my final thought.  The very idea of the sinister plot of a New World Order who would use such insidious psychological warfare and diabolical tactics against unsuspecting citizens is at minimum…. terrifying.  And yet I’m left to ponder; If this really is their master plan…. the pièce de résistance in their battle for control of our very beings… then why on earth can I just Google “Project Blue Beam”, and read all about it?

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