UFO Photographed Over New Jersey

On June 17, The Jersey Journal posted a series of photos reportedly taken by Carolyn McNutt in South Kearney, New Jersey. She says she was at work, went outside to look at a storm that was brewing, and saw a strange object hovering in the sky. The Jersey Journal posted three photos taken by McNutt. Take a look at all three here:     strattera dosing alternatives

A best deal 50 mg generic viagra canada price report was also filed on June 17.  It states:

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Zoomed image of something flying over New Jersey

I work in South Kearny, NJ and at about 1:30pm I went out on the porh at work to see the on coming Thunder Storm.. I was talking to a co-worker when big flash of lightening struck.. We were watching the sky for more lightening and seconds later, I said to my co-worker, “What’s that”?? First he said it was a bird, then said it was a black plastic bag then said, “I don’t know”.. I told him to keep it in sight and I’ll go get my camera..
I have a 10x zoom on my camera and managed to get 3 pictures as it traveled from South to North in a pretty direct path over my job in South Kearny, NJ before losing sight of it over our building at work… All I know is that it was Unidentified and it was flying…

My opinion… the first one looks like it could be a run away aluminum balloon.  You know, the shiny kind you get at birthdays or graduations.  The third one confirms my suspicion of balloon.  It is the second one that’s got me guessing.  I felt like I’d seen something like it before.  Then it hit me.

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Image from the movie "Skyline" with the New Jersey UFO inset.

Kinda?  Anyone else see it?  This sucker reminds me of the ships in the movie Skyline!!

Anyway… what do you think?  Are these photos compelling or merely a case of mistaken identity.  Leave your thoughts in the comments below.