Top 10 Most Mysterious Photographs Ever Taken

If you love a good mystery, then this list shouldn’t disappoint.

With the advent of digital photography, anomalous pictures have become more rare.  High definition cameras and photoshop have rendered most modern “mysterious” photographs to either be entirely explainable or utterly debunkable.

Remember the olden days when pictures were captured on film, and there were no fancy computers available to doctor photography?  Remember those old timey video cameras that couldn’t just be plugged into a USB port?  Images captured on these devices were much more difficult to manipulate, thus many mysterious photos and videos captured prior to the advent of digital imaging and image editing remain mysterious to this day.

I happened upon the following video this morning, and it sparked my curiosity.  Have a look.  Below the vid I’ll discuss a few of the mysterious photographs mentioned within.  (Make sure to watch the video FIRST!)

I simply LOVE a good mystery!  All of my life I’ve been enthralled by the unexplained and dedicated many years to the exploration of the unknown.  As exciting as it all is, there is a dangerous downside to crypto-inquiry and exo-investigation (I think I just made those words up! Copyright Natalina 2013)…. inevitably, one discovers that many of the most captivating curiosities have a rather mundane explanation.  And this is where I burst some bubbles.

9.  The Hook Island Monster – This mysterious monster has long been considered to be a hoax, although to my knowledge, no one has been able to prove precisely how it was carried out.   The most widely accepted explanation is that it was a giant piece of submerged plastic or tarp, weighted down by sand.  The photo was taken in by Robert Le Serrec and was first published in 1965.  Iit is important to note that as recently as 2003, he maintained it was the real deal.  So, while I can’t firmly say this photo is debunked, there is reason to believe that a giant tadpole monster does not roam Hook Lake. A great article about the photos (yes there are more, which can be seen inside the article) was written on and can be viewed here:

3.  The Solway Firth Spaceman – In May of 1964, Jim Templeton took his wife and daughter to Burgh Marsh, a place known for scenic beauty on the Solway Coast – approximately eight miles west of Carlisle, Cumbria (UK).  Jim was an amateur photographer, and endeavored to capture some photos of his daughter amid the lovely surroundings.  When he received the developed photographs, he was startled to see a strange “spaceman” figure standing behind his daughter.  Jim was startled and inquired with several sources as to what it was that he captured in the photo, and word soon spread about the mysterious figure.  I recall seeing this image many years ago, and rather than a spaceman, I always thought it looked like a beekeeper.  In any case, many still claim that this is an unexplained photo, and Jim even claims that he was contacted by a pair of Men in Black about the image.

A legend of sorts has sprung out of the photo and the area where it was snapped, including stories of UFO sightings and a government cover-up about other “spacemen” in white… but I do believe there is a simpler answer.  I conclude, as some other have, that this is merely the mother (Jim’s wife) standing some distance behind her daughter with her back to the camera.  She had dark hair and was wearing a light dress, and perhaps some kind of hat. The overblown exposure from the sunlight and the focus on Elizabeth in the foreground causes the illusion that the figure is all in white… but it is merely an optical illusion (according to the theory.)  You can read one detailed breakdown here: online writing journals

Those are the two I think can firmly be locked into the realm of probably debunked or explained.  There are a few in the vid that truly interest me.  I was obsessed with the Black Knight Satellite some time back.  And the Geophone Rock Pyramid is pretty perplexing, is it not?  Oh! And the Charlie Chaplain “cell phone”… we actually covered that one right here on Extraordinary Intelligence! In fact, I was one of the first sites to stumble upon the now famous viral clip back in 2010. My issue with that clip has always been… if the woman truly had a cell phone, who on earth would she be talking to? And how would she be getting service, if there were no cell towers? Anyhoo…  Check it out:

For more info on some of the more intriguing parts of this list you can peruse the following links. AND, I’d love for you to share with me your theories as to how some of these images can be explained!!


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