Aaron Eckhart and Christie Brinkley talk about their UFO sightings on The Tonight Show

These days, it seems UFOs are everywhere.   In the news, in the movies, on television… popular culture is saturated.  Last night (March 4), Aaron Eckhart and and Christie Brinkley were on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.  Both recounted their tales of having seen an Unidentified Flying Object first hand.

Eckhart was on to promote his film Clicking Here,  in which a Marine platoon faces off against an alien invasion in L.A.  He told Leno,  “I actually have seen an Unidentified Flying Object, there’s no doubt about it.”  He went on to discuss how he and his friends were in the desert of New Mexico looking at the sky around 3 am, when they saw a red and green light traverse the sky “at speeds that were not human”.

Aaron Eckhart shares his sighting story at the 1:43 mark above.

Christie Brinkley appeared to promote her upcoming performances in the Broadway musical buying viagra and cialis from canadel.com.  Jay asked her if she had ever seen a UFO.  She quickly said, “Oh yes, several.”

WebsiteShe was living in a village in Crete.  It was very remote and was surrounded by caves in which people actually lived.  One day, she went into town and noticed that everyone in the town square was looking up at the sky.  When she looked up she saw four lights that were lined up in a straight position.  The lights appeared to fluctuate from side to side.  This was taking place in broad daylight.   As she continued to watch, the lights suddenly shot to the other side of a mountain, out of sight.

When she returned to her village, one of the men who lived in the surrounding caves ran out and told the villagers that he had just witnessed four lights emerging from over the mountain top (they were now on the other side of the mountain) and crash into the water, and never reappeared.

Brinkley’s story begins at the start of the above clip.