Today's Dance Party at the Jefferson Memorial weekend I reported that Adam Kokesh (Adam VS The Man) and several others were arrested for peacefully and silently dancing at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C.  More Info

Today, exactly one week later, Kokesh and a decidedly larger group of supporters showed up at the Memorial to engage in a bit more dancing.  Kokesh began organizing this “Dance Party at TJ’s” the day he was arrested, and many pledged to join him.  In fact, for those who were unable to be present in Washington, other dance parties were organized across the Country in solidarity.
No one was arrested this time, likely because there were a few too many eyes on the situation.

“This is about standing up to a police state that is out of control, and no one is safe from.  This is a cause that transcends partisanship or ideology of any kind because this is about basic human dignity.  The President of the United States of America can no longer call himself the President of a free country, and not face up to that basic fact,” said Kokesh to the crowd.  “The world is dancing because oppression by the police state is a feature of modern government that must be ended one way or another.  If our government refuses to treat us like human beings, then it is time for open revolt.”