Time Magazine: New World Pope

Very rarely, I see something for which I have no words; either because it is so mind boggling or so blatant that it needs no explanation.

I submit to you, the cover of Time Magazine…

New world pope time magazine

This Week’s Cover: http://www.time.com/time/covers/asia/0,16641,20130325,00.html




  1. KP St. Orm

    What is so obvious? I’m missing something…..

    • KP St. Orm

      I get it….”New World” Pope!!! Sorry, a little slow

  2. M.St.John

    This refers to the Pope being from the ‘new’ world which those in Europe used to call the Americas…nothing more….

    • Allen

      You don’t know how they operate yet. Any time they get an opportunity to stick one in our face, they take it. That is just what they have done here.

      • Time is an American magazine, so the “they” sticking whatever it is in your face is also a New Worlder.

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