Extraordinary News of the Week (March 9-15)

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From Newsarama.com: Flimmakers took great care in presenting realistic science when portraying Dr. Manhattan in the film Watchmen.  (imp source)

From CBS News: A man who was wheelchair bound for 20 years regained his ability to walk after being bitten by a deadly Brown Recluse spider.  (buy literature reviews)

From IO9.com: The sewers in Urbana-Champaign, Illinois have been clogging recently.  Sanitation workers investigating the backed up pipes discovered an abundance of human placentas! (http://www.mancaveplaybabes.com/ordering-xanax-online-without-prescription/)

From smh.com: A funeral is being held today for a girl who was decapitated over 700 years ago. (http://www.skargardsidyllen.se/)

From MSNBC.com: Archeologists in Cairo have discovered 5 golden earrings in a tomb belonging to Gahouti, the head of the treasury under Hatshepsut, who ruled Egypt 3,500 years ago.  (more)

From Examiner.com: A series of UFOs have been sighted over Salt Lake City.  A 52 year old resident witnesses the strange lights on two seperate occasions less than an week apart.  (more)

From Naturalnews.com: Pharmaceutical company Baxter International Inc. has been caught shipping vaccines to potentially 18 countries that contained live avian flu virus. (more)

From Newscientist.com: Three indigenous communities in Central America have fallen to mass hysteria,  having become victims of what is known locally as grisi siknis (“crazy sickness”).  (more)

From Examiner.com: The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) is to receive funding from billionaire Robert Bigelow.  Members of MUFON have historically been volunteers,  and for the first time are going to be paid to do their work.  (more)

Newscientist.com: In Venice, Italy, a body has been exhumed from a mass grave of plague victims, bearing the characteristics of one who was exorcised against becoming a vampire.  (more)

From Abclocal.go.com: A loud boom rattles residents accross Orange Co. in California.  Witnesses claim that their windows rattled, pictures fell from walls, all accompanied by a loud noise.  No earthquakes were detected in the area, and officials are still unsure of the cause.  (more)