Beyond Extraordinary Ep. 19: The Supernatural Worldview with Cris Putnam

Is the paranormal on the rise?  Are supernatural events becoming more common place?  Are people tapping in to a latent power that has been lying dormant in our souls since the beginning of mankind?  Does all of this indicate a shift in the paranormal paradigm?  How should Christians respond to questions about the spirit world, psi abilities, and near death experiences?  All of these questions are explored as we discuss The Supernatural Worldview with Cris Putnam.

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Cris Putnam is a best selling author, having co-written the explosive books Petrus Romanus and Exo-Vaticana with Thomas Horn.  He holds a Masters in Theological Studies and a Bachelor of Science degree in religion and mathematics from Liberty University as well as a certification in Christian apologetics from BIOLA University.  He is a lifetime member of the list of pay dating sites think-tank and is sponsored through older dating online south africa. Cris is recognized for his expertise in the area of biblical prophecy and other prophetic traditions.

The Supernatural Worldview is Cris’ latest work, and it tackles the paranormal, psi, and apocalyptic through a sound Biblical lens.  He’s been and will continue to blog about The Supernatural Worldview and what he coins as the “paranormal paradigm shift” on his new website  The book is set to be released on May 15.

His main website focusing on theology and apologetics is

I’ve been privileged to have read The Supernatural Worldview a couple of times in recent months, and I highly recommend it.  I know you’ll be eager to pick up a copy after listening to this interview.

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I am very pleased to welcome back my friend Cris Putnam, on this episode of Beyond Extraordinary.



The Supernatural Worldview with Cris Putnam