The serene imagery of a graveyard

As long as I can remember, I have been drawn to cemeteries. I do not find them to be a morbid or sad place. Rather, I find them to be peaceful and meditative. Many of the old cemeteries are really quite beautiful, with their monuments and statues, crypts and shrines. Sometimes, I like to visit these graveyards and just be still and quiet.

What is it about the graves that scares people so? Is it the fear of death? The fear of a ghostly encounter? When I’m in a cemetery, I feel tranquility. Below, you’ll find some photographs I’ve taken of my visits to graveyards.   I cannot remember the exact location of some of the shots I’ve included.  Click on any of the photos to enlarge.  They are easier to appreciate when viewed full size.


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(I actually won an award for this one.  It’s called “Peace”.  I was especially moved by the Weeping Willow streaching it’s great arms out over the tombstones.)

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(This one is a little askew, but don’t you just love how blue the sky is in the background?)

These are just the pictures that I’ve had available in digital form.  I have yet to visit a really ancient cemetary, although I hope to someday.  I’d love to walk among the rows in a midieval churchyard or sit in solitude among tombstones forgotten by time deep in a forest somewhere.   I know such places exist.  May all of their souls rest in peace.

***All images are owned by moi (which means “beautiful” in Dutch and “me” in French.  Both are appropriate *wink*) , and you are free to use them, as long as you credit this website with a link back.  Gracias.***