Beyond Extraordinary Ep. 11: The PODcast with Diana Learn and Natalina

With all of its pitfalls and problems, I will forever be grateful to social networking because through that medium, I’ve made friends that I’d never have been able to meet without the online connection.  One of the closest connections I’ve made through Facebook has been  In a relatively short amount of time, we realized that we not only have a lot in common, but we’re actually just two peas in a pod.  It only made sense for us to bring the pod to Beyond Extraordinary.  For this episode, we’ve cleared just enough space in the pod for you all to join us on what we’re affectionately calling… The PODcast with Diana Learn and Natalina.

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In this fun and informative episode, Diana and I are not interviewer and interviewee.  Rather, this is a conversation between two opinionated gals, perhaps having imbibed a bit too much caffeine, talking about issues that matter to us.  We discuss everything from anti-intellectualism to the role of women in ministry to Christmas.  Oh…. and some fabulous old dead guys.

We hope that you’ll put on your favorite fuzzy slippers, pour yourself a cuppa Joe (volcanic or otherwise), and join us for the conversation.  Thanks for stopping by the Pod!

You will definitely want to stick around all the way past the end credits, as I’ve slipped in a little bonus feature that might make you giggle.

*Super cute pea pod graphic by the awesome and talented online dating usernames for women*

Btw, my intro came out very quiet. So if you crank up the volume for the beginning, just get ready because once the podcast really starts going, I’ll be screaming at you. This will occur around the 3 minute mark 😀

natalina podcast

diana podcast

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Martyn Lloyd Jones –

Donald Gray Barnhouse:    and,,PTID307086_CHID581348_CIID1907714,00.html

The Virtuous Woman

We weren’t making this stuff up:


The PODcast with Diana Learn and Natalina