The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse

Who built the Great Pyramids?  How were they constructed?  These are questions that have stymied scholars and caused great debates among archaeologists and researchers.  Some say that they were grand burial chambers meant to house the remains of Egyptian royalty.  Others maintain that they were monuments to the gods.  Some even claim that ancient astronauts (read: aliens) built the Pyramids of Giza, as mere mortals did not have (and still do not have) the means to erect such remarkable structures.

But, what if none of these answers are correct?, best selling author and Biblical scholar presents a compelling alternate option.  His bold conclusions are compelling, and the implications are nothing short of ground breaking.  Is it possible that angels who were evicted from Heaven, are responsible for these and other wonders of the ancient world?

Mr. Heron’s book Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse was an international bestseller, and shot to the top 10 list on  Further, it was the top selling prophecy book on Amazon for two years!  This book challenges common thought regarding the Great Pyramids, as well a time in antiquity that is shrouded in mystery.  Take a look at Heron’s video presentation below, and be sure to click the link above to purchase your own copy of his exciting book.

Patrick Heron’s latest book, Return of the Antichrist: And the New World Order can also be purchased at, or by visiting Mr. Heron’s website,