The Lake Windermere Monster: Possible Evidence of "Bownessie" Emerges

The Loch Ness Monster isn’t the only mythical beast living in Europe.  Lake Windermere near Bowness in Cumbria is home to another “monster” that has stirred local legend for years.  Nicknamed Bow-nessie, she shares with her counterpart in Loch Ness a propensity for elusiveness.  And while sightings happen, evidence is rarely gathered.

All of that changed last Friday when Tom Pickles, 24, said an animal approximately the size of three cars cruised across the lake before his very eyes as he was kayaking.

Visit Your URLBefore fleeing the lake, Pickles managed to capture the above photo.

“Each hump was moving in a rippling motion and it was swimming fast,” he says. “…I could tell it was much bigger underneath from the huge shadow around it.”

Tom and his companion Sarah Harrington, 23, say they were terrified by the creature and quickly made the decision to get off the lake. 

In 2006, journalism lecturer Steve Burnip claims to have spotted Bownessie, and says that the picture captured by Mr. Pickles is an exact match to what he saw.

different tramadol pills MOPhoto expert David Farnell has examined the picture, and while he cannot rule out a hoax, he concedes that it is the best evidence thus far that something is lurking beneath the waters of Lake Windermere.  With that said, the fact that the image was captured by a cell phone with low resolution, it is impossible to make out any specific details that could provide definitive proof.

According to the, Monster hunter Thomas Noblett and TV psychic Dean Maynard said this new sighting has fired up their enthusiasm for another search.  So far, the duo has scanned the lake on two occasions in search of Bownessie, to no avail.  Yet, they remain convinced that something is there, and would like another go at finding proof.

Read more about Bownessie and this new intriguing evidence here:

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Below:  Monster Hunter Thomas Noblett and Psychic Dean Maynard Search for Bownessie