The Hour of the Time – The Story of William Cooper

“If we do not act in concert with each other and ensure that the future becomes what we need it to be, then we will surely deserve whatever fate awaits us.”  William Cooper ~ August 3, 1990, Camp Verde, Arizona

My biography of Bill Cooper will be brief, because I am including a full documentary about his life below.  Suffice to say, Cooper was an author, short wave radio host, lecturer, and celebrity in the worlds of Ufology, Secret Societies, and Conspiracy.

He claimed that while serving in the Navy he was privy to secret documentation that corroborated his claims of UFOs and Conspiracies, and dedicated most of his life to spreading what he considered to be the truth. He was the producer of documentaries, founder of publishing companies, and champion of free radio.

His shortwave radio show, The Hour of the Time, was his most notable and constant platform.  One of the most well known series aired on his show was his Mystery Babylon series, which discussed the Religion of the “Mystery Schools” of the elite through history. He believed that from ancient times, kings and rulers followed a religious path of a “dying and rising sun-god” which parallels the Christian belief in a “Dying and rising son-god.” And there is so much more. It is a fascinating listen and Cooper really is captivating in his delivery. You can access all 10 parts of that audio series here:

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He was also an IRS protester, and was entangled in extensive legal battles with the Internal Revenue Service. He wrote papers and gave lectures about the evils of IRS, and frequently came under heavy fire from the government.  So notorious did Cooper become, that President Bill Clinton was quoted in a White House memo as saying Cooper was “. . . the most dangerous radio host in America.”

Later in his life, he was a wanted man.  Accused of tax evasion, Cooper reportedly made a statement on his bulletin board service that any attempt by law enforcement to enter his property would be met with armed resistance.

Revelation 6:8: “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.”

Cooper’s crowning achievement is generally considered to be his book, italian renaissance essay Washington, which tackled the topic of Government Corruption, Secret Societies, and UFOs.  In an ironic, or perhaps sadly predictable twist of fate, Cooper met his own pale horseman at the hands of law enforcement.

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In November of 2001, officers allegedly converged on his homestead, to serve Cooper with a warrant for claims that he’d been threatening passers by with a gun.   According to police accounts, they wished to keep the confrontation as non-violent as possible, so they used subterfuge to lure him out of his home.  Pretending to be rowdy teenagers on the edge of his property, they blasted music and hollered until finally Cooper emerged to investigate.

Now according to police reports, when they identified themselves Cooper fled, and then fired his gun at them, severely wounding one officer with a shot to the head.  Another officer returned fire, killing Cooper.  Cooper was reportedly left laying on the ground for up to 18 hours.  Police blocked off a 5 mile radius around his home in order to keep media away, including helicopters.  Evidence logged in the case included a gun holster that allegedly belonged to Cooper, but his gun was never presented.

Many people believe that Cooper was killed in order to silence him… others believe that Cooper became paranoid and isolated, and acted foolishly toward law enforcement, bringing about his own demise.

What we do know is the timing of his death is quite eerie.  You see, just under 2 months prior to Cooper’s demise, the the Twin Towers in NYC were destroyed, killing thousands.  In June of 2001, about 4 months prior to that awful day, William Cooper publicly warned his listeners that there would be a terrorist attack on the U.S., and that it would be blamed on Osama Bin Laden.

Below is a full length Documentary about the life and death of Bill Cooper.

The Hour of Our Time – The Legacy of William Cooper