The Fabulous and Unique Extraordinary Boutique

If you’re a regular here on Extraordinary Intelligence, you probably know by now that the entire site is written and operated by yours truly, Natalina.   What you don’t know is that I have a cornucopia of talents and interests outside of what is featured here on the blog.

One of my most recent endeavors is in the realm of jewelry making.  I recently launched a new website called Extraordinary Boutique which can be seen here:  viagra drug name

how to make a fake online dating profileMy jewelry and accessories are as unique as the subject matter on this blog and thus will probably appeal to many of my faithful readers.  As you can imagine, it isn’t easy living on a blogger’s income, but I have never been one to beg for donations.  I’ve received a few contributions over the years but I would rather offer to sell you something than expect you to just hand your hard earned cash money over to little old me.

A little back story for you.  I am a stay at home wife.  My darling husband works very hard and has encouraged me to follow my dreams with regard to writing and this new jewelry making business.  A few years ago, he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and it really impacted me that life is unpredictable, and we never know what lies around the corner.  Thus, I’m trying to make my dreams a reality while I can.  He’s incredibly supportive and really, my cup runneth over.

All of that to say that this literally is my big attempt to throw myself feet first into the entrepreneurial arena.  I’ve had success thus far with this website and with my blogging network that I co-own with my business partner Gene.  (See cialis tablet)  But it really isn’t enough yet to sustain my little family, so my prayer is that a few of y’all will like what you see in the Boutique and perhaps even share the link with your friends!

There’s still time to purchase before Christmas, so perhaps you’ll see something perfect for a friend or loved one.  If you have any questions about the items listed there’s a contact form on the viagra drug name website.

Why buy boring department store jewelry, when you can buy unique at Extraordinary Boutique!  Click the banner below to be whisked away to a world of pretty baubles and beautiful bling.  And let me know what you think!

(Extraordinary Boutique will be updated regularly with new items!)

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