The Elusive American Kangaroo?

One of the most incredible animals I’ve ever seen is the kangaroo.  Well, that statement is a little misleading, because I’ve never actually seen a kangaroo in real life…but I’ve always wanted to.

Imagine my delight when I read about cases of this magnificent marsupial being sighted right here in the United States!  Unbelievable?  Well, not to those who claim to have witnessed them with their own eyes.  The kangaroo is native to Australia, and yet there is a phenomena in North America known as the Phantom Kangaroo, and sightings are apparently quite common in some areas.  Now, Cryptozoologists, who normally spend their time investigating animals that are not supposed to exist, are taking a closer look at alleged American kangaroo breeding populations.  In fact, so many eye witnesses have claimed to see kangaroos hopping about in the U.S., it has caused even mainstream scientists to take notice.

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Some researchers hypothesize that it is a case of mistaken identity. Perhaps people are actually witnessing a feral dog or the head and ears of a white tail deer.  Others think that it might be possible that at some point in the past, a few escaped kangaroos established a breeding population.  Then there are those who think that these could be a previously unknown marsupial, resembling a kangaroo, but more closely related to those native to South America.

The first known claim of the Phantom Kangaroo took place in Wisconsin in 1899.  Since then, sightings have been reported from Coon Rapids, Minnesota to Chicago, Illinois.  In 1980, a kangaroo was reported near San Francisco, California’s Golden Gate Bridge.  In 1981, kangaroos were reported in North Carolina, and even resulted in an unsuccessful police chase.   In a more recent account, a kangaroo was spotted hopping along U.S. 90 in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.

Most of the evidence for Phantom Kangaroos is from eye witnesses.  However, there have been enough police officers and government officials swearing that they saw the creatures that naysayers have begun to relent a bit.  There have also been a number of footprints recovered, as well as the following photo, which was taken in Wisconsin in 1978.

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So, what do you think?  Are there pockets of thriving kangaroo populations in the United States?  Or, is it really a case of mistaken identity and wishful thinking?  Runaway zoo animals or pets? To my American readers, have you ever seen the mysterious Phantom Kangaroo?

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