The Elusive American Kangaroo?

One of the most incredible animals I’ve ever seen is the kangaroo.  Well, that statement is a little misleading, because I’ve never actually seen a kangaroo in real life…but I’ve always wanted to.

Imagine my delight when I read about cases of this magnificent marsupial being sighted right here in the United States!  Unbelievable?  Well, not to those who claim to have witnessed them with their own eyes.  The kangaroo is native to Australia, and yet there is a phenomena in North America known as the Phantom Kangaroo, and sightings are apparently quite common in some areas.  Now, Cryptozoologists, who normally spend their time investigating animals that are not supposed to exist, are taking a closer look at alleged American kangaroo breeding populations.  In fact, so many eye witnesses have claimed to see kangaroos hopping about in the U.S., it has caused even mainstream scientists to take notice.


Some researchers hypothesize that it is a case of mistaken identity. Perhaps people are actually witnessing a feral dog or the head and ears of a white tail deer.  Others think that it might be possible that at some point in the past, a few escaped kangaroos established a breeding population.  Then there are those who think that these could be a previously unknown marsupial, resembling a kangaroo, but more closely related to those native to South America.

The first known claim of the Phantom Kangaroo took place in Wisconsin in 1899.  Since then, sightings have been reported from Coon Rapids, Minnesota to Chicago, Illinois.  In 1980, a kangaroo was reported near San Francisco, California’s Golden Gate Bridge.  In 1981, kangaroos were reported in North Carolina, and even resulted in an unsuccessful police chase.   In a more recent account, a kangaroo was spotted hopping along U.S. 90 in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.

Most of the evidence for Phantom Kangaroos is from eye witnesses.  However, there have been enough police officers and government officials swearing that they saw the creatures that naysayers have begun to relent a bit.  There have also been a number of footprints recovered, as well as the following photo, which was taken in Wisconsin in 1978.


So, what do you think?  Are there pockets of thriving kangaroo populations in the United States?  Or, is it really a case of mistaken identity and wishful thinking?  Runaway zoo animals or pets? To my American readers, have you ever seen the mysterious Phantom Kangaroo?

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  1. An Australian Wallaby in America? There’s a comedy-horror, right there. ;-)

    A mob of wild kangeroos is a fascinating sight. Apparently at top speed a fully-grown adult can clear well over ten metres in a single bound!

  2. Awesome idea, Bruno! So, you should get on it once you’ve finished your biopic on the Lizard Man! ;)

    I would DIE if I had the chance to see kangaroos in the wild. It’s right up there with dolphins and whales for me.

  3. Kangaroos are reknowned for their boxing prowess. If you can catch an American one, I’d love to see it in the ring, going head-to-head with an Aussie roo … in full protective head gear of course. Nation vs Nation. It’d be great.

    Used to see them all the time when I lived in the ‘bush’ during my younger days. But, now I’m living in the ‘big smoke’, about the only time I see them is on the side of the highway after they’ve been hit by a motorist.
    Sad, but true. They’ve just become vermin to some people. Just not appreciated anymore.

    What other country would have one of the animals on its coat of arms also on the menu of some of its restaurants?

  4. natalina

    Sgt, well some say that the Phantom Kangaroo of the U.S. possesses super kangaroo strength, so I would pity the mere mortal kangaroos of Australia were they to go kangaroo to kangaroo with one of our magical mythical beasts! :)

    The kangaroo in Australia sounds a lot like the white tail deer is to us here. So many people consider them to be beautiful, graceful creatures, but we consider them to be a pain in the butt! Drive down any highway, and you’ll see deer carcasses strewn about the road.

  5. three members of my family saw what they claim as a kangaroo in our hometown in southwestern Pennsylvania. All three sightings were on seperate days but all within the past month and all within 1/4 mi. of one another. Im not sure what to make of it.

  6. Steve

    Funny story, but one that I can now reference your site in collaboration of my long story.

    When I was a toddler, I was an adventurist type kid. Living with my family in a home on the edge of my maternal grandparents farm in Bucks County, PA., I escaped and took off for grandma’s. I raced headlong down the back lane of the farm, as toddlers will do, towards the farm house a half mile +/- away. I was halfway there when, bounding out of a cornfield, came a herd of wild, Pennsylvanian kangaroos! Needless to say, I bounded off in the opposite direction and reported the anomalous siting to anyone who would listen.

    Now, for fifty some odd years I have been ridiculed for that remarkable report. Most said I had seen a herd of white tail deer, quite common to the area. But I myself have always known in my heart that they were real, tangible kangaroos! How could I be wrong, after all, I was three! There could be no mistaking them … and to this day I know what I saw … and now I have more evidence supporting my claim.

  7. Lisa

    Going toward Wilmington North Carolina on highway 74 we saw what we thought was a deer but than realized it had short arms big hind quarters and little head. Sadly dead on the side of the road. But kangaroos are from austrailia? So what could this be?

  8. rose

    You need to change your title to North American because they are here in Canada too in the warmer western province of BC.

    • natalina

      Interesting info Rose! Get a picture and I’ll feature it in a new article!

  9. Jennifer

    On my way to work in northwest Indiana, I was driving westbound on route 30 between Merrilville and Sherrerville when i noticed a large roadkill on the side of the road. It was a kangaroo. I know what deer look like, and this was no deer. Anyone else see this on Sept. 12th around 8am?

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