The Devil's Dance of Prizzi

Each year during the Holy Week of Easter, the ageless war between good and evil is waged.  The battlefield?  A remote little town in Sicily called Prizzi.

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In rituals that have distinctly medieval origins, villagers dress up as demonic looking creatures and dance through the streets, wearing bizarre costumes and masks, and do what is known as the Dance of the Devils.

A variety of re-enactments of the Passion take place throughout the week, culminating in the Easter Sunday takeover of the town by these devils, who try to prevent the effigies of Jesus and Mary from meeting.  They are accompanied by a villager who plays the embodiment of Death, and while they always lose (naturally), it is reported that the villagers tend to be more excited by the dancing devils than by the arrival Jesus himself.  In these plays, Jesus is represented by a villager riding a horse.

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Below is a short documentary that tells the tale and includes some extremely rare footage of the Devils dancing.

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Photos courtesy of Pro Loco Prizzi Website: