Beyond Extraordinary Ep. 16: The Demon of Brownsville Road

The house on 3406 Brownsville Road had captivated Bob Cranmer long before he became its owner.  In 1988, Bob and his family purchased his dream home in Brentwood, PA, not knowing that their life would soon change forever.  In his forthcoming book, best cv writing service, Cranmer shares the details of his family’s harrowing tale.

What happened in that home is a terrifying story of demonic infestation and torment beyond what most of us can fathom.  It was a living nightmare that, in my opinion, makes other more famous incidents like the Amittyville Horror appear almost benign in comparison.

While we currently live in a society that seems obsessed with the paranormal, it may sometimes seem difficult to know what to believe.  Bob Cranmer’s tale is unique in that he has no need to gain public attention or 15 minutes of fame.  Bob is a prominent business man and former high profile Pittsburgh politician who has had his share of the spotlight.  It is uncommon for folks with such public visibility to open themselves to the kind of scrutiny this haunting tale surely has and will do, yet Bob has felt compelled to openly disclose the details of that difficult time, and it is this story that Bob has graciously agreed to share with us.

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