The Art of Close Encounters – Kim Carlsberg

According to the essay about gender equality (ICAR), it is estimated that there are hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who have experienced “abduction-like” scenarios.  At least 2% of the population (probably more.. this number only takes into account those who’ve reported their experiences) may have been abducted by Extra-Terrestrials.

essay on gun controlFrom the book The Art of Close Encounters by Kim Carlsberg

Precisely what they want from us is up for debate, but those who claim to have been taken from their homes by otherworldly entities report startlingly similar experiences during their abductions.   In order to cope with these often traumatic and repeated scenarios,  many abductees turn to art to express themselves.

Kim Carlsberg is a noted photographer, who has worked in Hollywood for years in the television and music industry.  Her work has been displayed in publications like Rolling Stone and she even worked on the set of Baywatch.  In 1998, she formally added another item to her resume… alien abductee.

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Since then, she’s struggled to comprehend all that she’s been through.  In 1995, she published a book titled average homework in high school, in which she explores what she’s personally learned and experienced with E.T.’s.  She claims that abduction is hereditary, and that she herself has given birth to many hybrid children, one of whom she named April.

Her next project has been a labor of love, and is fifteen years in the making.  Finally available for pre-order, The Art of Close Encounters is presented as a coffee-table book comprised of art collected from many people who’ve shared the abduction experience that Kim has endured.

Kim describes the abduction experience to range from almost religious to being hellish.  But she is quick to point out that she doesn’t consider the beings evil.

From The Art of Close Encounters by Kim Carlsberg

She says that she is part of the Grey genetic program and tells Aol news “I think this is what they do, mainly because we’ve evolved to the point where we are now destroying our planet, so they’re raising our consciousness,” she said. “On the other hand, the Plaiedeans, who are anatomically perfect — tall, healthy, blond-haired, blue-eyed — seem just to be visitors.

“Meanwhile, the Reptilians, which are a warrior race, can be alternatively terrifying and mystical.”

There are hundreds of images in Kim’s book.  They were all drawn either by the experiencers themselves, or by those who sketched them by description, similar to the way a forensic artist compiles the image of a crime suspect.

Kim hopes that the book will serve not only as an art book rendering the alleged experiences of real people, but that it will also one day serve a higher purpose.  She says“My dream has been to put together a book that I could give to give to our president and say, ‘I don’t know what your cronies are telling you, but this is what people are experiencing.”

According to a press release, the final product is a 352 page, fine art, 4-color, hard cover, 9.5″ x 8″ landscape, coffee table book with jacket, compiling 150 individual “encounter experiences”. Every unique synopsis is accompanied by an artistic rendering from the contributors. Every turn of the page brings you a new experience. Each story synopsis is accompanied by an artistic rendering from the contributors.


George Noory
Coast to Coast AM
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The sheer volume of stories, the authenticity and range of the encounters, and the beauty and diversity of the art makes this new book the closest we will have to a reference guide to this extraordinary phenomenon. A remarkable achievement.

Leo Sprinkle, PhD
Contact Researcher
University of Wyoming

Visually stunning, intellectually compelling and spiritually illuminating, The Art of Close Encounters provides the reader with a treasury of the variety of contact between humans, extraterrestrial and other non-human entities.

Stephen Bassett
Ex. Dir. Paradigm
Research Group

Who will speak for those who cannot yet speak for themselves? In this one of a kind book, Kim Carlsberg has reached out to bridge the silence with art, letting the universal language bring together those caught between two worlds.

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