Your contributions keep Extraordinary Intelligence alive and buzzing.  Having started E.I. in 2009, both the site and its creator (me!) have grown and matured.  I now very much see this site and the accompanying Beyond Extraordinary podcast as a calling, and I intend to continue this ministry as long as the Lord allows.  I am humbled by the support and love that pours forth from readers and listeners everyday, and I never lose sight of the fact that we do this all for His glory.

As with every thing in life, this ministry has expenses. For the site to stay active, I depend upon the prayers and gifts of my Extraordinary audience.  Donations help keep the site up and running, changing, upgrading, server fees etc… and they also help keep my personal affairs in order so that I can focus on the site full time!  I prayerfully ask that you consider a monthly gift using the form below, or scroll down to the second button to submit a one time donation.

Thank you and God bless all of my wonderful Extraordinary Intelligence family (That’s you!)….
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