Strange Sounds Heard Worldwide: Hoax or Warning?

Almost a year ago, I saw a peculiar video that sent chills down my spine.  In the video, a woman is recording a sound that appears to be coming from all around her, but the source cannot be identified.  As she listens to the sound, she feels rumbling in her home and she displays unease at what is happening.

At the time, it was a fairly unique video and I intended to share it here on Extraordinary Intelligence, but I’d forgotten about it.  With the recent phenomena about scary sounds coming from the sky, I was reminded.  Here’s the original video:

Whatever the filmmaker is experiencing above, it is in no way influenced by the current rash of bizarre noises being recorded over the past weeks.  Many of the vids appear to have been uploaded between November 2011 and Jan. 2012, although there has been a huge surge of the videos since January 11. Here is a compilation of some of the videos:

At the time, there were a variety of theories as to what the woman in the video was experiencing.  Many of these same theories are cropping up now.  So what is the new “strange noise” buzz all about?

Well, here’s what we know.  A few months ago videos started cropping up displaying weird noises coming from above that to me sound something like metal being rubbed together combined with jets flying overhead with a little bit of trumpet in the mix.  Here’s an example:

The above video from Kiev was one of the first displaying this distinct noise.  Since then, many others have cropped up with the same if not similar sound.  The uploader of this video claims that some people have stolen this sound to make their own fake vids.  This seems likely to me, but does not discount the fact that SOME might be genuine.


Viral Marketing

The most commonly cited theory seems to be that these videos are part of a viral marketing campaign.  People claim that it could be for a new J.J. Abrams film, perhaps Cloverfield 2 or something similar.

Tectonic Plates

Some have claimed that the sound we’re hearing is the groaning of the Earth as plates rub together, and the sound is bouncing off of the atmosphere, back at us.  This is why we think it originates from the sky.

The following video is very haunting.  During a Tampy Bay Rays baseball game, a bizarre sound was heard by a National TV audience.  The commentators actually discuss it, saying that it sounds “supernatural”.   Interestingly, this game was on August 23, 2011… the same day of the unprecedented korean dating calendar app that rattled most of the East Coast.


Of course, whenever a mystery draws the eyes skyward, a theory about UFOs is not far behind.

Apocalypse Trumpets

This theory has gained a lot of traction in religious circles.  People who believe in the return of Christ just before the Apocalypse cite scripture often referred to as the Olivet Discourse.  Found in the New Testament gospels, these passages feature Jesus speaking prophetically about the end of days.  In Matthew 24:31 Jesus says, “And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.”

Those who take this and similar scripture literally believe that there will be an audible sounding of a trumpet prior to the Second Coming of Christ, or just before the Rapture.  Some are beginning to question whether these are actually the trumpets of the apocalypse, and that at the last trump… it all ends.

For those who say it sounds nothing like a trumpet, you must remember that in Biblical times, the “trumpet” being referred to was an instrument made of a ram’s horn, known as a Shofar.  It sounds like sims freeplay dating neighbor

As I thought about this concept, I remembered a movie I watched a month or so ago called viagra price per pill.  It was a horrible movie directed by Kevin Smith.  The basic premise is that a religious fundamentalist group (think Westboro Baptist Church) has been killing people who they believe are evil.  The ATF gets involved after a few teenage boys go missing in the compound and all hell breaks loose (think Waco).  At the end, there is a scene where the remaining members of the church come outside and loud trumpet blasts are heard in the sky.  The members of the church believe they are about to be raptured.

These sounds in the movie are VERY similar to the sounds in some of these videos.  So similar that I wonder if they aren’t being dubbed into the vids.  I cannot find the scene online to share, but if you have Netflix streaming, you can find the film viagra price per pill.  Fast forward to the end to hear what I’m talking about.

UPDATE! Someone finally uploaded the Trumpet Scene from Red State.  You can check it out HERE.

A very clear video of the sounds that are suspiciously similar to the movie Red State can be heard below.

The more I think about this, I’m feeling pretty confident that a wide variety of these videos are fake.  It would be relatively easy to insert the audio into an existing video.  But does this mean they are all hoaxes?

The problem of mysterious “humming” sounds has existed for years.  Anyone who listens to Coast to Coast Am knows that there are certain areas in the world that are famous for a bizarre humming noise that in some cases drives people crazy because it is so persistent.  So, things like this do happen.

And as I stated, I am quite certain that the first video at the top of this post is genuine.  It was uploaded well before this hysteria of “strange sounds” started gripping the internet.

What do you think? Do you have theories that have not been addressed here?  Have you heard these noises for yourself?