Strange Short Film: R’ha by Kaleb Lechowski

Recently, my husband and I flicked on the Xbox Live to watch some Netflix.  On the Xbox homepage, they often feature trending You Tube videos, and one of them caught our eye so we watched it. was a short film by a 22 year old named Kaleb Lechowski.  The film is titled R’ha and it is visually quite impressive.  Apparently, Kaleb made the entire short for zero dollars using nothing but his home computer and 3-D software.  His account on Deviant Art can be seen here:  Recommended Site

I recently read that Kaleb’s film has caught the eye of big time Hollywood producers, and he’s been meeting with these folks, no doubt to strike some kind of blockbuster deal.

The film is set in the future (I presume) and features a strange looking alien who’s being held captive by a diabolical machine.  This machine resembles a floating red eye and ultimately appears to have been created to be subservient, and ended up becoming self aware (as the story often goes).

The very short film doesn’t present much in the way of innovation when it comes to the actual plot.  Innocent people create machines to make their lives easier, machine realizes it is bigger, smarter, stronger, faster, better than its creator, and sets out to dominate and destroy.  Creator of said machine fights back.  Pretty classic stuff.

Of course, usually stories of this ilk end up with man as hero; using the empathy and ingenuity unique to his race to outsmart and oust the out of control A.I.  Which is the direction R’ha appears to be going.  Then….

Have a look and share your thoughts: