Strange lights in the sky over Memphis Airport

Footage has been captured of some strange happenings in the sky over Memphis International Airport.  Shot from Horn Lake, Mississippi, the film appears to show a series of lights in the sky being monitored by an abundance of helicopters.

Across the web, people have been speculating as to what the lights could be.  Some say that they could be flares released by jets.  Others say the lights are not bright enough to be flares, and that the presence of helicopters adds to the mystery.

The fellow who captured the footage sent his story to

My name is Jimmie Jones, and I’m 17, and live in Horn Lake, Mississippi. A couple of weird lights were seen, and lots of helicopters. I’m excited to catch this footage on camera. I hope people start to get the picture that were not the only ones able to breath, walk, communicate, and travel. I see a lot more UFO sightings coming our way.

Around 10:30 PM, a formation of lights sat in the sky as helicopters head for it. And towards the end, watch as 3 lights appear below them.

You get to see one appear out of nowhere. It’s an amazing thing to see. I’m excited, and I hope to get more videos of these strange lights. We did go down to Memphis, but it’s too far so we stopped.

Watch the video below.  What do you think?  UFO? Flares? Secret military operations?

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  1. Hard to tell what it could be….
    If it were a secret military operation they would have hidden it better, they’re not so stupid (I guess).
    Can’t say for sure about being flares or UFOs or extra-natural lights.

  2. Pop Doctor

    It’s got me – damned impressive flares though. Has there been any news reports, official denials yaddah yaddah -

  3. hey Shadow, I would tend to be with you in the camp that any secret missions would be a bit more…secretive?

    Doc, I know. I’ve seen footage of flares, and they didn’t really look like this. The thing with flares is that they generally light up the sky. These just seem to be fixed points of light. And why would helicopters be interested in flares? There haven’t really been any mainstream stories as far as I know. I heard that there was an official release stating that these were flares, but I haven’t been able to find it. Curiouser and curiouser…

  4. Ken

    The line of lights are airplanes on approach to MEM. The “helicopters” are airplanes one by one landing. The busiest time at MEM is midnight, as FedEx comes in one by one from all over the world. They land 3 at a time (2 side by side and a third runway that is 90 degrees to the other two). This can be seen nightly from around 11:30 to 1:30 AM.

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