Statue of Anubis Erected at Denver International Airport

When I first heard that a giant statue of the Egyptian God of Death was being erected next to (or as I call him, the Blue Stallion of DOOM) at the Denver International Airport, I thought…. Really??!?!? REALLY?!?!?! Seems like an awfully bold move by the Elitists running the show over there.  Bold and Scary!

Now, if you are unfamiliar with the controversy surrounding the Denver International Airport, I suggest you start by reading the following article, then come back to this one. It’s ok… we’ll wait.

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Welcome back! Moving on… So, the latest in a seemingly unending string of weirdness at the DIA is a 26 ft tall, 7 ton statue of Anubis, Egyptian God of the Dead, which has been erected to face the main terminal of the airport. of Anubis at the DIA

Anubis was the god of death to the ancient Egyptians.  More specifically, he was the god in charge of guiding souls into the Underworld after they had passed. He’s also known as the god of death rituals and mummification.

Now, as I stated, on the face of it this seems peculiar to say the least.  Why would officials at the DIA do such a thing?  Especially knowing how many conspiracies there are regarding this bizarre airport.

That said, a little time spent sniffing around (like 2 minutes to be exact) revealed that there actually is a legitimate reason for this ancient god of demise to be standing at the DIA.  In this case, Anubis is nothing more than a gigantic promotion for the traveling exhibit of King Tut’s treasures, which are being featured at the Denver Art Museum.

Even knowing this… conspiracies abound.  Some of the buzz has been that Anubis was never used at other locations where the exhibit was being displayed.  Which isn’t true. This same Anubis statue stood at the Dallas Fort Worth airport, and he also has visited places like New York City and London.

Anubis hanging with another impressive statue.

Anubis makes his way to London

Clearly, if you read my initial article about the DIA (linked above), you know I’m not one to poo poo the Conspiracies surrounding the place.  It is indeed unsettling, and I would take it even further and call some of the imagery and construction anomalies downright sinister.  But, I don’t think we do ourselves any favors by jumping to conclusions about this statue.  As far as I can tell, it is nothing more than a behemoth billboard, placed in an unfortunate location.

Although, money truly cannot buy the publicity the Denver Art Museum is surely receiving from the decision to allow the god of the Underworld to guard what is probably the creepiest airport ever.