Solomon’s Corner: This Week in Animal News (May 20-29, 2013)

imp sourceExtraordinary Intelligence’s resident cat is a fine gentleman named Solomon.  Each week he’ll be bringing you his favorite animal news from around the world… and probably a cat video or two.

Welcome friends and fellow felines to another edition of Solomon’s Corner! I have lots and lots of great stories to whet your whiskers this week, but I wanted to start with a video that really touched my heart.   You know, we cats put up with a lot of grief from our people.  I’m very fortunate because my mommy and daddy (affectionate pet names I gave them.  I am not so naive as to think they’re my real parents) are not my owners, but are my roommates with co-equal ownership status over our domain.  Some cats aren’t so lucky.  Here’s a heart wrenching account of what some are forced to endure:


And now for this week in animal news!

Couple plans to attempt dolphin-assisted water birth:  Experts are calling this the worst natural birthing idea ever.  A New Agey couple is heading to Hawaii to give birth to their child in the ocean, surrounded by a pod of dolphins.  While dolphins have been known to show an uncanny affinity toward humans, there is no way to predict how they’d respond to an infant, or to a woman in distress as she delivers her baby.  Further, evidence has shown that these types of dolphin retreats and tours are actually harming dolphin populations and driving them away from their natural feeding grounds. So, groups that believe they are in some sort of harmony with the dolphin are actually contributing to their hardships.  (free dating site raleigh nc)

Move over kangaroo, the Giant Fluorescent Pink Slug is Australia’s latest animal attraction:   On rainy nights in Australia’s Narrabri in north-western New South Wales, an amazing creature emerges .  The lovely hot pink slug was recently confirmed to exist by scientists, although legends of their existence have long been told by locals.  They are magnificent to look at.  They’re also cannibals.

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While Australia is famous for its widespread animal weirdness, this slug is genetically distinct from other creatures. They can only be found within 10 kilometres by 10 kilometres on their own mountaintop.  (zoloft and acne)

Cat adopts orphaned ducklings and allows them to nurse along with her littler of kittens:  The title says it all. Cats are awesome.  (is abilify a mood stabilizer)

Goat Disrupts Traffic in New Jersey:  A renegade goat eluded 5 police officers for more than 90 minutes as it jumped dividers and dodged between vehicles along Jersey City’s Pulaski Skyway, causing a minor accident.  While it is unsure where the goat came from, it did have a USDA tag on its ear.  (Read more…)

In other goat related news….

Billy Goat Bully in Brazil:  A belligerent billy goat terrorized a town in Southern Brazil, and its brazen antics were all caught on camera.  (Read more…)

Strange humanoid creature interrupts classes:  A school in Botswana released students from class after several students reported seeing a “a black little hairy creature which resembled a human being.’”  The article claims that several student had to visit the clinic for “shock.”  (Read more…)

The Lion and the Dachshund:   His name may sound intimidating, but Bonedigger the 500 lb lion is a pussy cat.  Bonedigger was born with a disease that left him mildly disabled.   When he was 4 weeks old, he was introduced to 4 dachshund puppies.  The group quickly bonded and they’ve lived together at the Garold Wayne Exotic Animal Park ever since.  Bonedigger is especially close to a pup named Milo.  Apparently, Milo actually tries to imitate the lion’s roar, and he even cleans Bonedigger’s teeth after each meal.  Video of the BFFs below. (Read more…)