Skyline Trailer Creates More Disclosure Buzz

This year, particularly in these latter months, has been a cornucopia of teasers for those who anticipate alien disclosure.  Let’s recap, shall we?

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October 13 UFO Prediction: Sightings, Speculation, and the Buzz so Far

Add to all of these developments the fact that television has been feeding the E.T. craze, focusing heavily on first contact.  Shows like the modern incarnation of the classic series “V“, and the currently airing “The Event” have been feeding speculation that perhaps we are being eased into an inevitability…. that we are not alone in the Universe, and that those who inhabit the heavens would like to meet us.

In the T.V. show “V“, the aliens arrive in giant ships hovering over the major cities of the world, and in “The Event“, the aliens are already among us.  In the first they appear humanoid but are really reptilian, and in the second they appear exactly as we do, although they age much more slowly.

In the upcoming film Skyline, it appears that the aliens will appear over our heads as well, and like the E.T.’s of “V”, they don’t appear to have our best interests in mind.

When I first saw the trailer for Skyline, it was the teaser, and I will admit, it made me think about all that has transpired so far this year.  Here is the trailer I saw.


The particularly eerie part of this trailer, is the quoting of Stephen Hawking by the media.  You may recall, Stephen Hawking recently went on record that he believes that there is intelligent life in the Universe, but that we should not be so quick to try to communicate with them, invoking the plight of early Native Americans as a cautionary tale.  Hawking’s warning was just another piece in this giant jigsaw of E.T. interest of late.

Recently, new trailers have been airing that show more footage from the film.  It seems to have moved (in my mind) away from an intriguing film about first contact, to a typical US vs. THEM sci-fi action flick.  Here’s the newest trailer.


But, the inevitable buzz is now in the air.  Below is just one example of the talk making it’s way through Internetosphere (yep, I made up that word and I’m trademarkin’ it.)  Skyline opens November 12.

As a final aside, I have to admit the blue lighting used in the film and the marketing materials is so mesmerizing.  I’m totally drawn to it.  Not in a “hypnotized” kind of way… I just think it’s pretty 🙂