Sky Turns Red in Sydney, Australia

No joke. Folks in Syndey, Australia awoke this morning to a deep red haze that blanketed the city.

Residents flooded social networking sites and talk radio to determine the cause of the reddened sky and to marvel at this incredible sight.

red sky sydney

A blanket of dust covers Sydney as two men wait at the entrance to the Anzac Bridge in Pyrmont to be picked up for work. Photo: Kate Geraghty Click HERE to see more photos from Sydney Morning Herald.

Meteorologists say that the bright red is a result of dust in the atmosphere. Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Jane Golding told the Sydney Morning Herald, “The reason for the dust is we had some really strong winds in the inland areas of NSW and in South Australia for a sustained period yesterday.” She also says, “I’ve not seen anything like this before.”

As the sun has been rising higher in the sky, the red has faded to orange and then yellow. Experts do not yet know when the dust will dissipate and when the strange coloring will go away. In the meantime, the dust has been wreaking havoc on transportation systems in the area.

Check out this video posted on You Tube by a Sydney resident:


Read the full story here:

Sydney turns red: dust storm blankets city

If you live in Sydney and have pictures of this red sky event, I’d love to see them. I’ll post them right here on Extraordinary Intelligence.


The following photo was captured by Sydney resident J. Gilbert.





  1. Lone Gunmen

    It wasn’t nearly as red as your picture more of a bright orange. Breathing is hard and everything is covered in a blanket of dust. Not fun at all for asthmatics. When I woke up I thought it was the apocalypse ;)

  2. Yeah, pretty freaky huh. The picture I sent you from J Gilbert was sent to me to show me what she was seeing outside her apartment window and she normally has a clear view to the city. Totally whacky!

  3. Nomotelies

    So called expert is crappin again. If She knows it’s caused by strong wind blabla then why it isn’t in the weather report! If u don’t know just say u don’t know don’t crap bias info! Our taxes r used for what?

  4. I was in central South Australia prior to Sydney getting the dust storm and I had to emergency evacuate the area because of the dangerous wind speeds and dust storm. It was unbelievable In a way I wish mother nature had taken me with her. I had to drive 300 km to get out of the storm all GPS devices failed. STUPID MAN MADE TECHNOLOGY. This is why I still use paper maps. Trees were torn down like small twigs all over the place. I love the power and fury of mother nature. 2 days prior the place was like paradise.

  5. Rebecca

    I’m not sure why it was this colour, but all i know is it probably wasn’t aliens…

    • natalina

      Oh I know it wasn’t aliens, nor did we ever try to say it was Rebecca. In fact we state right within the article that the Red sky was caused by dust. Thanks for swinging by!

  6. Jeff

    Hmmm, I think it could of been a threat from another country. You never know it could of been some super advanced weapon beyond public knowledge. I mean dust? idk…rather suspicious

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