Share your spooky stories with Extraordinary Intelligence!

Have you had an encounter with the “other side”?  Heard a thing or two bumping in the night? Perhaps you’ve looked up at the night sky and witnessed something strange.  Or maybe you’ve had a more intimate encounter…whatever the case may be, I want to hear from you!

You’ve likely already heard my story, but if you missed it, here it is:

Now it’s your turn!  For a future post, I’ll be featuring the true tales from Extraordinary Intelligence readers.  I’ve already received a few stories, including some spooooky pictures!  But I want MORE MORE MORE!!

Richard III and the Ghosts – 1806 William Blake

So, if you’ve seen a ghost, a UFO, Bigfoot, or any other mysterious creature or event, tell me about it, and you just may find yourself featured on Extraordinary Intelligence! 

Please email your stories to:

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Please include a first name or nickname, and any other helpful information such as state, country, city, or date.  Pictures are great but not necessary.  Just a detailed description of the encounter is enough for me!

I’m excited!  I’ll be waiting!