Second Dust Storm Sweeps Through Phoenix

Earlier this month, Phoenix made headlines with the massive dust storm that engulfed the city.  With everyone overjoyed with their new buzzword “haboob” (the technical name for a dust storm like this), people seemed to consider it a rather light-hearted albeit fascinating singular event.

On Monday evening, another wall of dust made its way through Phoenix.  This amazing site was estimated to be 3,000 ft high and reduced visibility for the city, including delaying some flights at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.  While this one was not as large as the 50 mile wide storm from earlier in July, it still created quite a spectacle. website reports that dust storms like this could become the new norm in the Southwest.  Scientists from the United States Geological Survey have concluded that “Our results suggest that increased temperatures associated with climate change will indirectly lead to increased wind erosion and dust emission on the Colorado Plateau.”

I reported several months ago on Extraordinary Intelligence about how strange weather patterns world wide could become a regular occurrence.  Take a look here:  why interracial dating is wrong

Take a look at the July 18 dust storm from two different angles below.